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If You Haven’t Seen Any Of The Poorly Drawn Bands On Twitter, Here’s What You’re Missing.

Tish Hart
Tish Hart 27 February 2015 at 12.49

For some unexplained reason, a bunch of Twitter accounts sprung up recently where people draw pictures of their favourite bands. Except, y'know, poorly. Some are truly crap, others are magnificent. Here's our Top 12 that we've found because it's Friday and WHY THE HELL NOT?

12. Poorly Drawn State Champs - We really don't know what to say about this picture of State Champs bassist Ryan Scott Graham. We're not even sure we want to say anything about it. Although we have heard if you stare at it for too long you could turn into stone. 

11. Poorly Drawn Issues - This drawing of Tyler Carter and Michael Bohn is pretty rubbish. But that's not even The Worst Of Them...

10. Poorly Drawn The Story So Far - There's nothing right about this drawing, you could  say it's All Wrong...

9. Poorly Drawn Neck Deep - The Neck Deep boys don't look too great here. But, What Did You Expect? 

8. Poorly Drawn Of Mice & Men - This drawing is so similar to the original that the guys might have an Identity Disorder...

7. Poorly Drawn My Chemical Romance - Hang on, is this a drawing of Gerard Way or Albert Einstein? 

6. Poorly Drawn Lower Than Atlantis - Mike Duce looks like a fisherman who's swallowed too much sea water. AMAZING. 

5. Poorly Drawn Beartooth - The look of love between drummer Brandon Mullins and this pug is spot on.

4. Poorly Drawn Fall Out Boy - This is terrifying. What the heck is happening? No, we don't want to know. Just make sure you and these five creepy Pete Wentzs are never Alone Together.

3. Poorly Drawn 5 Seconds Of Summer Actually this one's pretty good.

2. Poorly Drawn Sleeping With Sirens - Initially we thought this was The Best There Ever Was, but it didn't quite get to Number One...

1. Poorly Drawn Bring Me The Horizon - We're not quite sure if Oli Sykes has ever been drawn more accurately. We've Seen It All Before, but there's something particularly horrendously great about this one.

So that was our Top 12 poorly drawn pictures of some of our favourite artists and bands. Have we missed any particularly brilliant bits of poorly drawn art?? Let us know on Twitter!  

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