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Hollywood Undead’s House Party Livestream Was A Rowdy Reminder Of What A Brilliant Band They Are

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 22 December 2020 at 10.48

A perfect display of how confident, commanding and capable of anything they are right now.

All photos by Johann Ramos

Carefreeness. Debauchery. The promise of the unexpected. These are all things that have helped Hollywood Undead blossom and grow from their masked beginnings back in the mid-’00s through to the genuine world-beating act that they are today. Marching to their beat and living their lives the exact way they want to, the band are seeing out 2020 with two records, in the form of Volumes One and Two of their ‘New Empires’ project, under their belt and a huge 2021 ahead of them. Though how do you go about properly celebrating everything you have achieved in a suitably Hollywood Undead way?

House party livestream. Obviously.

As you would expect, an Undead party is an exclusive event. But once you’re in, nothing is off-limits and as the band get themselves comfortable and tear into vicious renditions of ‘Time Bomb’ and ‘Enemy’, you can tell that they are fired up for the occasion. Every member is perfectly in sync with the other, even finding time to pour another drink from the keg before their verse comes in, and every aspect of every instrumental sounds like it’s being played in an arena rather than someone’s living room. It’s as rousing as it is rowdy and as the band take it right back with a harmonious and hopeful ‘Hear Me Now’, wonderfully cheeky ‘Everywhere I Go’ and roof-raising ‘Comin’ In Hot’ you can’t help but be taken in by the fun and franticness of it all.

Though the band aren’t the only ones who have come out for the occasion or more specifically who has been allowed to get past Dead Bite who is standing rather scarily on the door. Ice Nine Kills' Spencer Charnas literally leaps through the wall and is quickly joined by an energetic Jacoby Shaddix for a monolithic showing of ‘Heart Of A Champion’, Tech 9ine appears through a sea of glitches and even has a costume change during a gut-busting ‘Idol’ and Hyro The Hero flexes his flow and get properly stuck in on a pitch-perfect ‘Comin Thru The Stereo’, the latter two being played live for the very first time.

Such an array of guests only add to the feeling of comradery that's coursing through this event, with the band passing mics and instruments between each other for particular songs and particular parts, even if it’s just for a chance to play a bit of beer pong. It manages to showcase not just the talent that exists within the Hollywood Undeadfamily but also the level of trust that each member has in each other to absolutely kill it when they are called upon. It’s as well-oiled as it brilliantly entertaining and, as the living room makes way for a full stage for a handful of songs, a perfect display of how confident, commanding and capable of anything the band are right now. 

As the party winds down and your head feel a bit blurrier, a fluid ‘Day Of The Dead’, a tear-stained ‘Bullet’ and a guttural team showing on closer ‘Undead’ brings proceedings to an aggressive close and you’re left with plenty to ponder as you search for your jacket and try not to throw up in the corner. More than just having a good time, the band’s little get together has, on purpose or not, served as a huge milestone in a career that continues to pick up more and more pace with each passing year. With their new songs sounding harder and heavier than anything they have done before and with a back catalogue full of party starters at their disposal, Hollywood Undead have good reason to celebrate. The world is their oyster and they have no intention of slowing down anything soon, so sit back, crack open a can and enjoy the ride. Because the boys are going to be here whether you like it or not.

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