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Here’s What Members of All Time Low, ISSUES, Against The Current And More Think Of ONE OK ROCK

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 12 December 2018 at 11.06

Spoiler- they love them as much as we all do.

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It's no secret that we're big fans of ONE OK ROCK- so we dug through the Rock Sound Archive to find all the times your favourite bands have also professed their love for Taka, Toru, Ryota and Tomo.


“ONE OK ROCK are like everything sensational about a boy band, but everything edgy about a rock band. Your senses force you to love them. Taka and the guys are some of the most genuine friends we have ever had, and the connection and bond between us isn’t hindered by a language barrier. The first time we met, we all instantly had our counterparts in that band. Taka and I have formed a friendship over several years. We’ve basically lived together at times, worked together in the studio, Taka comes to me with help singing in English better and working on lyrics, I ask him for advice on melodies and appeal. We trust each other. He is family!”


“First and foremost, the guys have always been extremely humble considering that in Japan, and much of the world, [their] band is absolutely massive. They're also really kind, sweet dudes. We had an absolute blast with them on our tour in the States, and they were always inviting us onto their bus for a beer after the show. When we opened up for them in Japan the tables were turned, and they showed us the best time in their country, taking us to a bunch of places we'd never been before, and really taking great care of us along the way. I think what I love the most about them is just how down to earth and focussed they all are. When you see them come to the UK, or the States, they do an amazing job of adapting and realizing that maybe there is still some work to be done and room to grow… I think it says a lot about who they are as people. I feel they're taking the Western World by force, honestly.”


“I love ONE OK ROCK because they are the greatest humans! Taka is one of the best singers I’ve ever worked with, and when I asked him to be a guest vocalist on a Goldfinger record he didn’t hesitate… he just said yes! Tomo is a much better ping pong player than me (which is rare), and whenever I would put them up for a coffee drinking challenge they would always agree! The best dudes ever…they always have the best attitudes and give the best hugs.”


“At Warped Tour in 2014 I was hanging out with Tyler Carter and his set was about to start. He was like, ‘Real quick, here's my friend. He's Japanese. You watch the set together’. At that point Taka didn’t really speak much English, but it worked well somehow, which was cool. They’re just the most welcoming, kind people. They just make you feel welcome, even though they are like these rock stars in Japan.”


“Taka and myself have become closer since he has been spending more time in Los Angeles. It's been rad getting to know him better. I was just telling him the other day that his English has gotten noticeably better since I first met him. I've had a good time showing him around LA. Also, he's been teaching me a lot about Japanese culture - which is dope. Alex and myself have always been super into Japanese culture so it's cool to learn from the best.”


“I remember the first time I heard about ONE OK ROCK. It was Warped Tour 2016, and word had spread saying this super cool Japanese band were playing on the DJ stage, [which was] way too small for a band. I went to see their set and was in awe at how good they were. I told them I loved their set and found out they were returning to Japan to play two sold out arena shows! I didn’t know such a massive band could be so humble and perform an amazing show with the same intensity no matter the size of the stage or crowd. We’ve toured with them since and they’re just as friendly and welcoming as the day we met. Love those boys!”

ONE OK ROCK are the winner of Best Live Performance in the 2018 Rock Sound Awards! Pick up your commemorative Rock Sound Awards cover now from AWARDS.ROCKSOUND.TV

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