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Here’s Six Things We’ll Learn Tonight At Panic! At The Disco’s Surprise Show

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 19 March 2018 at 16.35

We have a lot of questions. Questions which should be answered tonight. 

In case you've missed it, Panic! At The Disco have been teasing a series of things over the past week. They've been shady. They've teased us. They've sent (un)Holy Water to fans in the post. But all the teasing is coming to an end tonight, with the announcement of a one-off surprise show in Columbus, Ohio.

Here's all the things that we're likely going to finally find out tonight.

01. Is there actually new music?
The question we're most interested in. Is this show ushering in a new era for Panic! At The Disco? Signs are pointing to yes. Everyone had their money on the prophesised date of the 19th of March being a release date for a new single, but it's actually marking the date of the aforementioned surprise show. Curious. 

02. Who will be playing bass for Panic! At The Disco, given the departure of long-time bassist Dallon Weekes?
Eagle-eyed fans spotted a few weeks ago that Brendon had followed Nicole Row on Instagram- touring bassist to superstars like Troye Sivan and Miley Cyrus. With an open spot in the touring band, and a Brendon following her, could Nicole be the new piece of the Panic! team? And if not her, then who? Who will carry the torch previously carried by Jon Walker and Dallon Weekes? WHO? 

03. What's the new album title? What are the new songs called?
Honestly, this one hinges on the answer to question number 1 being a yes. If we go in to this show assuming that the reason for it is to launch a new era of Panic! At The Disco, we can then assume that tonight we'll be finding out what the new album is called, what the new songs are called and when we can expect new music. Which brings up the next question:

04. What's happening on the 21st of March?
Panic! At The Disco anonymously sent fans bottles of (un)Holy Water in the mail earlier this week. The bottles were marked 'Pray For The Wicked' and '3:21'. So here's hoping whatever cryptic shit this is teasing will all be well and truly brought to light tonight as well.


05. What will this (assumed) new Panic! At The Disco era look like aesthetically?
The one thing we can count on more than anything in this life is that every era of Panic! At The Disco will have it's own unique aesthetic. We've already covered off the 1920's (Fever, obviously), the 1960's (Pretty. Odd., obviously), Victorian Steampunk (Vices and Virtues, obviously). What will this (assumed) new era of Panic! bring us aesthetically? No one could possibly know! But we will likely find out tonight!

06. What will Panic! At The Disco be like playing in a tiny room to 400 people?
Fresh off a series of back to back arena tours over the past ten years, what will Panic! At The Disco look like without that level of production? There's no denying that Brendon's vocal talent can shine without a whole lot of production, so could this stripped-back version of a live show mark a turning point for the band? POSSIBLY. 


The good news is that we're set to know the answer to all of these questions very very shortly. The show is set to kick off at 9pm local time (that's 1am in the UK). 


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