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Here’s How Much 9 Bands Have Evolved Between Their First And Latest Record

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 8 August 2018 at 14.34

Development is key when it comes to being a band for a long time. You can't just keep doing the same thing over and over again. Yet when you listen to a band when they first started to how they sound now, it's hard to believe that they're the same outfit at all. Here are some of the most dramatic transformations. 

Now one of the biggest bands in the world, gracing main stages and radio stations across the world, Bring Me weren't always so paletable. 06's 'Count Your Blessings' was a scrappy, beligerant, at times utterly discomforting take on deathcore that has yet to be beaten. When you hold it up against the caramel textures and minimalist beats that are coated across 16's 'That's The Spirit', it's crazy to think that the same people were responsible for producing it. No matter how they have sounded, they have always been one step ahead of the pack.

It's very rare that a band can conquer both worlds that make up the genre pop-punk. Yet when you take into account 'Take This To Your Grave' and 'M A  N   I    A', Fall Out Boy have done just that. The band designed the blueprint for the genre when they released their debut album, chock full of major key riffing and poetic lyricism, while their on their latest they are a world away with EDM drops and flamenco influences making the headlines. How many bands have that sort of legacy to boot?

If you had told the band that penned the deliciously dark 'I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love' back in 2002 that they would end up releasing a record about them running round the desert with songs like 'Planetary (GO!)' and 'Na Na Na Na Na' on it, they would have laughed in your stupid little face. Yet that's exactly what MCR did. Though a world away in subject matter, the innovation that went it to both records is why they are still one of the most iconic bands who have ever existed. 

Back when Shikari released 'Take To The Skies' they were just a load of scrappy upstarts, blending together the loves of breakdowns and rave culture with no agenda and no expectations. Fast forward to last year's 'The Spark' and it's a completely different story. There's a focus, a message, a life-affirming reason to be which anyone who first heard 'Return To Energiser' all those years ago would never have excpected to hear. 

There are sounds that are very much of their time, and The Devil Wears Prada's debut reeks of 2006 so much that our t-shirts just shrunk to XS. When you hold it up to the rounded, and in many ways more mature, noise that was found on last year's 'Transit Blues', it's quite the journey. 


25 years of smashing it will have seriuous effects on the sound of the music you make, no matter who you are. Yet when you look at how far the Blink lot have come, it's a pretty substantial leap. Though the ethos has never really changed, the style of songwriting and lyrical direction on 94's 'Cheshire Cat' compared to 16's 'California' is pretty wild. 

Living through the pop-punk wars, ATL have seen and done it all. Going through so much has given them a large amount of confidence which is why last year's 'Last Young Renegade' was so far detached from what people expected of them. Hold the likes of 'Afterglow' and 'Dirty Laundry' up against 'Dear Maria, Count Me In' and 'Poppin' Champagne', you see a band who are a world away from who they used to be, and not in a bad way.

Sirens were part of handful of bands that helped spearhead the post-hardcore revolution of the late 00's. Their debut album 'With Ears To See And Eyes To Hear' was beautiful and bludgeoning in equal measure. The distance they have travelled in that time to where they sit on last year's 'Gossip' is astonishing. Who would have thought Kellin & Co would be penning a song that would make it to the Olympics?

Who would ever have seen this one coming? From the brightest light in the UK post-hardcore sky to the atmospheric rockers that we know today, Asking have glowed up in the most surprising way possible and proved that the only people who can tell you how you should sound is you. 

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