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Here Are The Songs That Travis Barker Has Featured On This Year

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 14 November 2019 at 12.51

Travis Barker has had a VERY busy 2019. Aside from releasing a new blink-182 album, he has featured on a plethora of songs by other artists. So in celebration of his birthday, here's a list of them.


James Arthur was the runaway winner of the ninth Season of The X Factor back in 2012. Since then he has been releasing slab upon slab of heart-fluttering and heart-breaking pop music, ready made for wedding first dances and post break-up cry sessions in equal measure. His latest record not only features this slow-burner with Travis, but also a tune with Taking Back Sunday’s Adam Lazzara that refrains ‘Cute (Without The E)'.

There are a few things about this collaboration between Travis and Dayton-based rapper Jasiah that stand out - first off, that guitar riff at the start sounds very reminiscent of ‘Adam’s Song’ by blink don’t you think? Second, bet you weren’t expecting that shift in tempo towards the end of the tune were you? Thirdly, bet you’re going to click replay.

The first of two Yungblud collaborations that Travis was a part of in 2019, this one also stars Halsey. Since its release in February, the song has gone Gold in the US and been performed live at the iHeartRadio Music Awards - both of those things probably took place because it’s such an anthem.

Alright alright alright, this song is billed as ‘Featuring blink-182’ but Travis is a part of blink-182 isn’t he? Right, so on we go. Anyway, what he brings to this mid-00’s pop-rock jam by singer songwriter Goody Grace is an intensity and energy that only he can deliver. Plus HI MARK HOPPUS!

Who would have thought at this time last year that we would be ending 2019 with a full EP of music made by nothing,nowhere. and Travis Barker? Well don’t rub your eyes too hard, because you better believe we have it. Adding a layer of technicality to Joe’s tender lyricism, ‘Bloodlust’ is a match made in musical heaven. More things like this please!

The second song released this year that Travis plays and is also called ‘Darkside’, but this one is very different to the blink-182 version. This darkly comic and self-aware number from Iann Dior has a very subtle and straight-forward contribution from Travis yet that lets the message of the song stand out even more because of it.

To celebrate 10 years of her debut album ‘The Listening’, Lights released this one-off single as a tribute to “every MySpace using, forum posting, bubble tea drinking emo kid” as she so eloquently put. The track in question pays tribute to the time and the culture that Lights came up in, and Travis adds an element of individuality and rawness to proceedings for good measure.

When somebody asks for Travis to come on their track, it means that they have the creative space to express themselves differently. In the case of this track by Jumex, he’s able to release a song reminiscent of blink-182 and that early 00's era of rock music as jubilant pop-punk riffs and slick fast drums replace the usual sad guitars and trap beats.

Another Yungblud collab, but a completely different vibe. This time The Gunner joins the party and brings a breezy vibe to this pop-punk leaning masterstroke. Honestly, if by the end of this you’re not bopping that head up and down and screaming along to every word uttered here then you have much more willpower than us.

This is probably the hardest track that Travis has featured on in 2019. We wonder if Lil Gnar knew back when he used to design clothing (yeah, that’s true) that one day he would busting out a blistering track with the drummer from blink-182? The world is full of endless possibility.

There are few artists who have had a bigger year than Lil Nas X to be quite honest. Though there is more to this lad than ‘Old Town Road’ as his debut EP proved. On said EP is this preppy pop number that shows off a completely different side to our man Nas while also showing off Travis’ ability when it comes to delivering a more pop-leaning beat.

The best way to separate a good song from a great song is when you’re able to completely change the tone of it and it still sounds absolutely brilliant. The original version of Maggie Lindemann’s ‘Friends Go’ is much slower, much more melodic and features loads more horns. The inclusion of Travis on this reimagined version gives the song a much scruffier edge. A win all round.

Here’s another case of Travis giving an artist the chance to express a completely different side to their music taste. Vic Mensa and 93Punx collaborated on a whole record this year that as well as Travis featured appearances from Good Charlotte and Tom Morello. Though it’s Travis’ contribution that produces the most raucous of outcomes with sheer punk rock energy coursing through ‘3 Years Sober’.

Another example of a full collaborative project between Travis and another artist, this time around it’s with California’s 03 Greedo. ‘Meet The Drummers’ finds Travis flexing his beat making abilities more than his pop-punk credentials - quite reminiscent of his early remixes of rap songs from the start of the decade.

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