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Here Are The 11 New Bands You Need To Check Out This Month

Will Cross
Will Cross 24 September 2017 at 22.00

So as you're always asking us about new music... are 11 new bands you need to check out, as featured in Rock Sound's Breakout section.

Supporting Waterparks in the UK this month, CHAPEL are the coolest band around right now. Packing a unique mix of styles, be ready for new music very soon. In the meantime though, jam the sultry 'We've Got Soul' and get dancing.

One part emo, one part pop-punk, all awesome - World War Me bring a chorusfest on their self-titled debut album, perfect for mending any MCR fan's broken heart. Ever wondered what a mix of MCR, Falling In Reverse and The Used might sound like? Here you go.

Formed from the ashes of various bands around the scene, Blindwish are emo nirvana. Working with John Feldmann on debut album 'Good Excuses', expect a billion hooks a minute. Case in point, lead single 'After Midnight'. THAT CHORUS.

Supporting Against The Current on their upcoming Australian tour, Stateside bring wave upon wave of sparkling pop-rock. Get new EP 'Naive' in your ears right now and be ready in the pit for when 'The Way We Were' and 'This Is War' drop.

Bringing positive vibes and tackling tough topics, Across The Atlantic also pack choruses, melodies and breakdowns by the boatload. With new album 'Works Of Progress' hot off the press - A Day To Remember fans, get involved with this band.

Flying across Germany with an absolute tonne of fizz and bounce alongside WSTR and Weatherstate next month - Storyteller are flying the pop-punk flag for their home country with bangers like 'Travel Bug' and 'Slow Lane'. Album 'Problems Solved' is out now.

Want some mosh with those choruses? The new incarnation of screamy post-hardcore gang Camisado, Phantoms are primed to be opening Warped Tour circle pits for years to come. Fan of old-school Asking Alexandria or just breakdowns in general? Get involved with new EP 'Screaming On The Inside'.

Into Across The Atlantic? AWS are your next stop. Pop hooks are everywhere but so are the breakdowns all the way across debut album 'All Roads Lead Home'. Get on massive tracks like 'Home Is Where The Heart Is' and warm up the vocal chords ready for those gang vocals.

Openers on the upcoming Silverstein, Seaway and Creeper US tour - Cedar Green bring peppy, danceable and just outright fun vibes to the pop-punk world. EP 'The One You Feed' is out now, so get learning the songs and get down the front early.

Blending the hooky guitar-lines of Sleeping With Sirens with the otherworldly feel of bands like Too Close To Touch, Picturesque are perfect for anyone after a hefty dose of dark melody. Debut album 'Back To Beautiful' is out there now. Catch them currently on tour in the US with Slaves (US).

Standing in the darker lane of pop-punk alongside the likes of Boston Manor, Homebound have made a big impact this year. Get listening to EP 'The Mould You Build Yourself Around' and check them out on Trash Boat's current UK tour. Hooks for days.

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