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Here Are Ten Bands That You Simply Cannot Miss At Bloodstock Open Air

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 28 July 2022 at 12.46

From blistering deathcore to bludgeoning hardcore, there's a whole lot going on at Derbyshire's premier extreme music extravaganza. Here are some of who it would be silly to sleep on.

is set to return to next month, and it is once again going to be a brilliant celebration of all things heavy.

With so many different strands of extreme all descending on one place at the same time, it's hard to know what to watch sometimes. But here are ten sets that you would be foolish to miss. From seasoned veterans to up-and-coming stars, unique trailblazers and future world-beaters, there's a bit of everything.

So, here we go...

This one goes without saying. Lorna Shore are one of the most exciting heavy bands on the planet right now, and they keep on proving it time and time again. With their new record, ‘Pain Remains’ just around the corner, an arena tour supporting Parkway Drive on the horizon and some of the beautiful, triumphant and utterly debauched examples of deathcore in their arsenal, their appearance on the main stage is guaranteed to be a proper ‘I was there’ moment. So make sure you’re a part of something extraordinary.

There are bands, and then there’s BLOODYWOOD. A group who combine their love of metal and pride in their culture and use the resulting majesty to try and make a difference, they are unique in more ways than one. And when it comes to hearing that combination of nu-metal grit and Punjabi euphoria live, it’s difficult not to get caught up in the joy of it all. 

If a band name is a perfect way to describe what they sound like, then Pupil Slicer is about as bang on as it gets. Outrageously stomach-turning, horrifyingly otherworldly and utterly undeniable, this is intricacy and intensity at its most shocking and stunning. Pushing the UK underground into dark and delirious new places, they are now on course to bring their madness to the masses, and Bloodstock is a pretty good place to start.

HERIOT on record and HERIOT live are two completely different beasts. Sitting down and listening to the band’s debut EP ‘Profound Morality’ and letting every layer of discordant and dense noise wash over you will still not prepare you for the apocalyptic feeling of when it is being played right in front of you. That power is what makes them such a special band and why they should be one of your absolute favourites, even this early on in their fascinating journey.

Is there room for some legends in here? Over the course of the last 15 years, Ingested have been responsible for some of the most unrelenting, forward-thinking and tar-stained slam and death metal ever committed to tape. Still finding new ways to deal out the pain, with new album ‘Rebirth’ scheduled to drop later this year, this is your chance to pay tribute to some of the hardest and best ever to do it.

If you’re buzzing to see Malevolence smash their Sophie Lancaster Stage headline set on Saturday night, you’ll want to watch Guilt Trip the day after. Part of the MLVTD family, they specialise in the grooviest and most fun brand of British hardcore, with riffs carved out of iron and a devil-may-care attitude to match. With an extra layer of metal-worshipping exuberance thrown in for good measure, they could be your new obsession.

Hardcore has always been a genre built on rebellion, protest and the pursuit of justice. And nobody embodies those principles more than Cage Fight. Dealing out deliciously heavy bouts of Hatebreed-style battery whilst using their voices to draw attention to the subjects we should all be concerned about, this head-on collision of hearts and minds should be high up on your list of, "I need to see that".

When it comes to rock and metal, you will alright if you’re riffs are big enough. And TORUS are a band who have that under control. Certainly a change of pace from the rest of what is on offer at Bloodstock, but one that is brimming with plenty of foot-tapping rhythms, soulful melody and insatiable craftsmanship to cleanse the palette and prick up the ears. The sort of music made for stadiums played inches from your face. Does it get much better?

Taking metalcore back to when the melodies soared, and riffs made your spine tingle, I Fight Bears feel like a breath of fresh air in a genre that can sometimes feel a bit smoggy. With the release of their new EP ‘Liberosis’ still extremely fresh in their minds, they will be looking to pick up plenty of steam on the New Blood Stage, and you should be there with arms raised high.

Vended are going to be absolutely massive. You can just feel it. With the offspring of Slipknot’s Corey Taylor and Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan at the helm and a thirst for utter chaos pulsing through their veins, they have the makings of being one of metal’s next great breakthroughs. But the substance is in the songwriting, and on debut EP ‘What is It // Kill It’, they demonstrate the high standard they have set themselves even this early on. Who knows where we could be in a year, but it’s going to be thrilling to watch.

Bloodstock takes place on August 11-14 at Catton Park in Walton On Trent, Derbyshire. Get your tickets now from right HERE

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