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Here Are Some Of The Best Band Related Pieces We’ve Seen Being Made In Animal Crossing

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 26 March 2020 at 16.29

Rock music, but cuter. 

Animal Crossing hasn't been out very long at all, and already there are so many amazing band related pieces popping up for everybody to decorate their homes with and wear as they go about their daily business. 

We've had a look around and found some of our favourites. 

@vapevocalist has really gone all in on their wall designs, with The Maine's 'You Are OK', Grayscale's 'Nella Vita', Mayday Parade's 'A Lesson In Romantics', Knuckle Puck's 'Copacetic' and many more making an appearance.

@ethervic has made something for the Clique with this incredible Twenty One Pilots 'Jumpsuit' jacket. There's even a little Tyler modelling it.

@rottensnapple has been doing some serious work and sharing the goods with all of these My Chemical Romance album covers 

 AND all of Fall Out Boy's covers as well.

Additionally here's @theboyofcheese has put together a Drummer Boy outfit so you can go fishing while also channelling 'The Black Parade'

@basicallysledge is repping Holding Abscence in a big way

And @sophuric_acid is making their way through All Time Low's discography to make sure her walls look pretty

And finally @moldyclay has done an amazing job of producing blink-182's album covers as well. 

Well done everybody, you're all very talented and we're glad you're having a very peaceful time. 

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