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Here Are All Of nothing,nowhere.‘s One Take Videos In One Place

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 25 November 2021 at 09.59

Over the course of the last couple of years nothing.nowhere. has been posting a series of One Take versions of his songs. Reworked, stripped back or slowed down, each one is a bare-bones glimpse at what an incredible songwriter Joe is. So we thought we should put them all in one place for you to enjoy. 

Whereas the original track is a brilliantly confident, fast-paced bop of a song, this One Take version slow things down to a much more mournful and sleepy pace. The snowfall outside of the window also gives it a gorgeously serene atmosphere.

A thin layer of ambience quilts its way around the plucked strings of this 'Ruiner' album track making the heartache of the lyrics even more wrenching. 

'Wooden Home' was originally a song by Joe's early project never,forever and details the process of trying to get past the pain that fills the body and soul at the end of a relationship. Every single ounce of that hurt filled journey can be felt in this raw and real rendition.

You wouldn't want to be at the end of this scathing number. Though the original version is brimming with venom, slowed down and stripped back makes it feel even more personal and powerful. 

'Letdown' is a mournful and beautifully heavy number that Joe has kept close to his heart throughout his career. As the glistening sunlight behind him makes this version feel that little bit more hopeful, it's hard not to quietly sing along to that incredible chorus and feel just as defeated.

'Ornament' is a song that was hidden on the nothing,nowhere website for a while before being released on Spotify a couple of years ago and is an experimental number with a thumping instrumental and wholehearted delivery. So with just a piano and his voice, Joe completely switches the dynamic of the track in a truly beautiful way here. Also, watch him make maple syrup!

'True Love' is a track that appears on 'Bloodlust', Joe's collaborative EP with Travis Barker. Though by completely taking away the drum track that props up the original, a different layer of romantic depth and vulnerability is uncovered.

Now, this is a really emotional one. The closing track on 'Reaper' is a raw listen to begin with, but with just his guitar and his croon to hand Joe makes this version hit even harder.

'Nightmare' is the newest track that nothing,nowhere. has released and is a really foot-stomper of an anthem with electronic drum patter and motorcycle revs galore. Though the art of the 'One Take' shows off songs in their most tender form and the lyrical turns that inhabit this tune take on a completely different shape here. 

Now here we have a brand new song in One Take form before it's even been released. How incredible is that? It's pretty great as well isn't it? Here's hoping we get to here the original very soon.

This track is real old number, and it feels incredibly refreshing to hear it played by a nothing,nowhere. who has seen and done things they probably never imagined in the years that have followed its release. 

'Death' is up there with nothing,nowhere.'s most cathartic and corrosive songs, with rattling drums and breakdowns aplenty. Yet when it's given the One Take treatment, it becomes a beautifully slow slice of desolation and despair. An incredible example of the versatility that comes with good songwriting. 

'Never Meant' by American Football is an absolute cornerstone of the emo genre, a song so beautiful and influential that it's hard not to feel affected every time you hear it. So it seems incredibly poignant for Joe to put his own spin on the song in the form of a One Take, and show that good music will always be timeless. 

Initially rather a pop-punk leaning rager of a song, stripping away the layers of noise and pulling on the tranquillity of his surroundings transforms 'Pretend' into a longing and beautifully delicate composition.

Joe's collaboration with KennyHoopla and JUDGE is a pulsating, dark and darkly seductive banger full of drama and decadence. But with just the two of them and an acoustic guitar, it takes on a whole new life. Peaceful, heartfelt and, in some ways, mournful, it's another amazing example about how collaboration can take on loads of different shapes. 

Joe launched 'Trauma Factory' with this track, featuring hazy guitars, classic n,n beats and a huge chorus to boot. Though when taken right back to its roots and with plenty of reverberating atmosphere holding the sincerely savage lyrics up and propelling them forwards, the song feels even more hurt and harrowing. Throw in some utterly gorgeous landscape shots and you have a quintessential slab of nothing,nowhere., both musically and aesthetically. 

The closing track on 'Trauma Factory' and one of Joe's most emotionally building and all-out emo anthems, when stripped back to its skeletal form those builds are all the more affecting. With a piercing ambience shrouding each gorgeous lyrical burst, it gives a completely new face to a quite simply stunning track.

One of Joe's poppiest and most joyfully romantic tracks that he has ever written, it's amazing to hear it transformed via a One Take makeover, taking on the characteristics and atmosphere of his early material. It serves as a snapshot of where he has been, where he is going and how far the distance he has travelled really is. And with the video being spliced together with footage of the love of his life, it's a really lovely addition to the One Take collection.

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