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Here Are 8 Bands That Found Popularity On MySpace

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 19 March 2019 at 12.19

MySpace was a truly magical place for a musician. A site where you could share your art, interact with your fans and become global superstars nearly overnight. A lot of bands cut their teeth on the site over the years. Here are some of them. 

In case you missed the big news, MySpace announced earlier this week that they've permanently lost all music uploaded to their platform between 2003 and 2015. That's 12 years worth of our cultural heritage, lost to time. 

As we've grappled with this news, it's made us feel nostalgic. A bit retrospective. 

So many bands in our world shot to fame through the use of MySpace - here's just eight of the big names that cut their teeth in MySpace.

The rise and rise of BVB in the early ‘10’s was very much kick started off the back of a rampant following preaching their gospel all over MySpace. The tight-knit community that was created is something that has become part of the infrastructure of the band ever since. Now blowing up arenas the world over, it all started with a little bit of word of mouth and a little song called ‘Knives & Pens’.

Godfathers of the crabcore genre and innovators of late ‘00’s mosh, Attack Attack! made their name through MySpace before being picked up by Rise Records for their full-length debut while also spearheading a whole movement of heavy music. With their influence still being felt throughout the scene even today, without Attack Attack! and THAT video doing the rounds who knows what metalcore in the years that followed would have sounded like.

A man and his ukulele are a powerful combo. Christopher Drew, better known as nevershoutnever, epitomized a corner of MySpace culture perfectly. With his cutesy songs, unique fashion sense and MASSIVE HAIR, you were never a few clicks away from one of Chris’ tunes blasting at you from someone's profile. In the years that followed nevershoutnever would expand into a full band and release 6 full-length albums. Though the project has just recenetly disbanded, the wave of popularity that hit Chris when nevershoutnever broke online back in 2009 is something that will never be forgotten. 

The thing that made MySpace so special was how it was able to nurture sounds that anywhere else would have probably been shunned. Back around 2006 when Enter Shikari came out all glow rings blazing with their abrasive blend of metalcore and rave culture, there was only one place that it could truly blossom. Fast forward to today and the band are filling arenas like it’s second nature - and MySpace has a lot to answer for in giving them the tools to expand all those years ago.

If you were in a band MySpace wasn’t just brilliant for chatting to your fans, it was also cracking if you wanted to book tours. That’s exactly what You Me did back in the day. Keeping it as DIY as possible and playing absolutely anywhere that would have them, the band’s efforts didn’t go unnoticed and now they are one of the UK’s biggest exports. The true meaning of community.

Overnight JFAC went from relative obscurity to all-out sensation, and it’s all thanks to MySpace. Picking up and connecting with fans all over the world in a completely new manner, it was with the release of their debut EP ‘Doom’ that things took a turn for the band as traffic to their profile skyrocketed. In many ways this success story showed exactly how effective MySpace could be in making or breaking a band.

Though Panic! weren’t technically discovered on MySpace, they definitely used the site to their full advantage when it came to picking up support. Using their profile to post demos of songs that would later end up on ‘A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out’, things went from hectic to absolutely massive very quickly. Now by far one of the biggest and most well known bands on the planet, who would have thought that a little bit of Internet magic could do so much.

MySpace was a sanctuary for all sorts of bands with all sorts of styles. But back in 2010 Bring Me surpassed absolutely everybody by being the most popular band on the whole site. The most fan votes, song plays, video plays and page views out of every single other group on the site. They even beat Justin Bieber! Now viewed as one of the most popular and innovative bands in rock, it’s amazing to think how much MySpace helped in the band’s ascension to the highest heights.

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