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Here Are 7 Brilliant Albums That Came Out In 1994

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 4 September 2018 at 12.44

IDKHow's Dallon Weekes has revealed that he will be taking part in a 1994 themed concert this Friday. So we thought we would delve into the past and remember some of the great albums that came out that year. 

1994 was a brilliant year for music. So many amazing bands released amazing albums and that should be celebrated.

IDKHow's Dallon Weekes loves 1994 so much that he is a part of a concert night dedicated to the year. Look- he even posted about it on his Instagram story. 

So let's have a look at some of the albums that made the year so special. 

A blueprint for the pop-punk genre and packed with more bangers than a butcher convention, one of Green Day's most important moments made its debut in 1994. From 'Welcome To Paradise' to 'She', 'Basket Case' to 'When I Come Around', there has never been a more comprehensive snapshot of a movement beginning. 

Twisted, seductive and so beautifully considered, Trent Reznor was even releasing music way beyond his years 24 years ago. Immersive and intoxicating, dangerous and devestating, no sound was too distorted or off key in this masterclass in discomfort. 

Never has a picture of four people stood in front of a blue wall been so iconic. In many ways the original emo record, Weezer penned teenage awkwardness in a way no-one had before. 'My Name Is Jonas', 'Buddy Holly' and 'Say It Ain't So' are a few highlights and that's only scratching the surface. Every band has a copy of this by their bed. 

Many talk about 'Americana' when the legacy of The Offspring is brought up in conversation, but the likes 'Self-Esteem', 'Come Out And Play' and 'Gotta Get Away' make 'Smash' a vital part of the band's story. Also no-one can resist a good "WAHWAH WAHWAHWAH" when it's right there in front of them. 

It's crazy to think that Machine Head have been this hard and heavy for so long. Yet the band's debut still stands up as one of their finest moments. Find us a better metal album opener than 'Davidian' and we will buy you a Diet Coke (trick question, there isn't one).

Who knew that bagpipes could ever sound this good? The spiritual beginning of Nu-metal and benchmark for millions of band's efforts to come, Korn's debut record was a journey into the abyss that many weren't ready for but many more chose to take on again and again.

Pop-punk wasn't always finger pointing and pizza references. In its infancy it was scrappy and catchy and entirely intoxicating. The 5th effort from NOFX mastered the craft and sent them into the history books. 'Linoleum' still stands as one of the biggest party starting anthems that has even been penned, facts. 

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