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Here Are 17 Of Mark Hoppus’ Best Tweets From The Past Year

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 12 June 2018 at 10.00

The seminal Blink-182 classic album 'Take Off Your Pants And Jacket' turns 17 years old today. To celebrate we looked back over the last year and handpicked the absolute best of frontman Mark Hoppus' tweeted output. You are welcome.

01. When he kicked off his birthday with a joke that he has been waiting years to tell. 

02. When he tweeted something that made us just stare in to the middle-distance for about 40 minutes thinking about life.

03. When he became King Millennial.

04. When he cracked the secret to Fall Out Boy's success.

05. Good luck singing 'Hey Jude' any other way for the remainder of your existence.

06. When he realised that the times were changing. 

07. When he showed exactly how good a boy his dog was.  

08. When he absolutely smashed Disneyland. 

09. When he blew all of our minds.  

10. When he acknowledged that 2018 is truly the weirdest year in history. 

11. When he stood next to Josh Dun. 

12. When he said what we were all thinking.  

13. When he made us all collectively ask "what's democracy?"

14. When he took down the idiots in one fell swoop.

15. When he was sick of the moon's shit, and called it the hell out.

16. When he clocked that Dr. Strange may not actually have powers at all- just a really bad case of generalised anxiety disorder.

17. And of course, when this absolutely brilliant exchange took place. 

And this is just a bonus one, because we all need to hear it.

Happy bloody Birthday 'Take Off Your Pants And Jacket', you absolute beauty.

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