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Ken McGrath
Ken McGrath 3 June 2007 at 19.26

Featuring ex-Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul alongside members of Mudvayne and Nothingface, supergroup HellYeah bring rock attitude by the bucketload. But with a name and line-up like theirs, what else would you expect?

Vinnie Paul, one-time drummer with Pantera then Damageplan, and brother of the much missed, inspirational guitarist Dimebag Darrell, is in great form.

When asked if he's looking forward to taking his new project out on the road he exclaims: "Hell yeah. Man I love saying that term. Hell yeah, we say it all the time here in the States, I don't know if you guys use it or not, but anytime somebody says, 'You wanna go to the tittie bar?' you go, 'Hell yeah'."

Here he adopts an even sleazier Southern drawl than that in which he normally speaks. Can you guess what his new band is called yet?

HellYeah began as an idea between Chad Gray and Greg Tribbett of Mudvayne and Tom Maxwell and Jerry Montano of Nothingface when their respective bands toured together last summer.

"Jerry calls me up and says, 'We're putting together this band and you've got to be the drummer'," Vinnie recalls, admitting he turned him down the first few times. "I guess persistence just paid off 'cos he kept calling and calling. Finally I said, 'This sounds like a kick-ass idea, let me get on the phone with the others'. So I talked to all the guys the next day. I loved everybody's enthusiasm, everybody was so gung-ho to do this thing, everybody was really spot-on. We made a plan, they came to Texas, and eight days later we'd written seven songs and this freight train that was called HellYeah was born."

Big, chunky riffs, powerhouse drumming, and pit-friendly vocals were the result.

"It was all about attitude. Everything was attitude," Vinnie says of their philosophy. "HellYeah was the perfect name. We had a lot of fun, drinking a lot of booze. We wanted to keep the vibe as positive as possible. That was very important."

Hell yeah brother. Good to have you back.

Know It All
Line-up: Chad Gray (vocals), Greg Tribbett (guitar), Tom Maxwell (guitar), Jerry Montano (bass), Vinnie Paul (drums)
From: All over the States
Sounds Like: Ace, fuck-off American metal.
Current Release: 'HellYeah' (album, Epic. Out now)
Download This: 'HellYeah'

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