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Rock Sound 2 October 2012 at 10.08

Stream the debut EP from Zac Farro’s new project HalfNoise in full on the Rock Sound website this week!


Rock Sound is glad to see Zac Farro returning to music this week as he releases a new EP from HalfNoise, the band started in the aftermath of his split from Paramore in late 2010. In this project he sings, plays magnolia leaves (seriously) and starts the next chapter of his musical life with a refreshing blend of The Postal Service's electronics and Paper Route's atmospherics.

Thanks to our friends at Xtra Mile Recordings you can stream the EP in full below, keep scrolling for Zac's track by track guide to the album.

A warning to Paramore lovers: this is what different sounds like. A warning to Paramore haters: this is utterly intoxicating music.

01. Remember When
"This is a song about going through a difficult experience and finding a way out at any cost. I looked at some things in my life that really made me unhappy and the song is about realising that, yes - as miserable as those times and experiences were - I didn't have to stay in them forever. This song allowed me to take that miserable situation in my life and turn it into something positive."

02. Sunsee
"This was a really fun experiment using different sounds and I feel that this is the most unique song on the EP. We incorporated a lot of unique effects and structures not found elsewhere on the EP into this song and this was definitely my attempt at trying to add some excitement to the release."

03. Hide Your Eyes
"This was the first song written and recorded for the EP. We used a variety of instruments and samples to create the beat behind the song. One of the things we did to get the sound of HYE was cover a snare drum head with ripped pages of magazines, stepping on magnolia leaves and shifting different cups on a hardwood table. All of these techniques helped to form layers on top of the beat that was already programmed in."

04. Free The House
"This was my favorite song to record and the last we did. With the experience of working on the other four songs from the EP behind me I was able to apply the things I learned there to the writing of Free The House. It is my favorite from the EP and the one that I hope sticks with people the most."

05. Reproof
"I was maturing a great deal as a person and refining into a young man when I wrote Reproof. This song is my attempt to say that there is more to life than focusing on the negative things that surround us and realising just how hurtful being selfish can be."

The debut EP from HalfNoise is out this week on Xtra Mile Recordings, click here to pick up your copy and for more on the band head to

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