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Grayscale: A Day In The Life On Warped Tour

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 25 July 2018 at 17.33

We spend 24 hours out on Warped Tour with the lads in Grayscale.

Photos by Jordan Mizrahi

The final ever Vans Warped Tour is well and truly underway. Infact, it's entering the home stretch! We checked in with the lads in Grayscale to see how they've been spending their days out on Warped. Over to Grayscale frontman, Collin:

01. Load In
Every morning we wake up between 7:30 and 8am to load our merch and our gear. Generally, we split roles up. Some of us handle the gear at the stage, and the others check in with Warped staff and set up our merch pop up shop.

02. Merch
Every morning when doors open around 10:30am and 11am, we give away free custom drawstring bags to the first 30 customers at our tent. This creates quite a morning rush for our merch guy Rob. Generally, Nick Veno and I help out at merch when these rushes occur.

03. Lunch
Between 12 and 2pm lunch is served at catering. Because Warped tour is so chaotic, we rarely get to eat together, but we do our best. Lunch is also a great place to meet new friends and bands.

04. Show Setup
We like to get to the stage anywhere from a half hour to an hour early to make sure we tune our instruments and our gear is setup and in working order. We usually load our gear onto stage 15 minutes before our set time.

05. Performance
This is the highlight of our day. We love to let lose in our performance and this is where we unload our energy and vibe with one another. It’s always been the Grayscale way to play every show like it’s our last.

06. Hanging Out 
Being in a band isn’t always fun and games. We handle our own finances and business which makes our free time very limited. It’s also really important to try to stay in shape and find time to hang with friends and turn your brain off for a bit.

07. Breakdown 
Depending on the day, between 7 and 8pm we will breakdown merch. This is usually a group effort while two members head to the exit to sell albums to departing Warped patrons. This is a really fun way to interact with random people who may or may not have heard of us. This is also a great way to gain new fans. No matter what kind of crowd is heading out, there is always someone who will stop to purchase a cd or to just talk with us. We’ve gained new fans from bands like Motionless In White, all the way to Waterparks

You can catch Grayscale all summer long on Warped Tour (or what's left of it).

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