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Glassjaw Speak: On Inspiration, Rumours And The Future

Ben Patashnik
Ben Patashnik 11 March 2010 at 15.37

The hardcore legends talk exclusively to Rock Sound about everything from evolution to dick jokes. No, seriously…

On… inspiration
Daryl Palumbo: “ What inspires us? Fuck. Clothing, furniture, architecture… we’re really sensitive, and retarded, and creative. Me and Beck will be driving somewhere and be like, ‘Did you see that sign?!’ and discuss the font for 15 fucking minutes. At the moment I’m being inspired by old Italian crime film posters.

On… bands they admire
Daryl: “I think the best heavy band in the world is fucking Converge. Every time I hear them or see them I’m like, ‘Fucking YES.’ Seeing somebody smash you is what makes you step up and get good. Not in a competitive way, but yes, every day I hear something that makes me want to go harder. We were listening to ‘State Of Euphoria’ the other night, the Anthrax record, fucking WAILING out. Dude, it’s one of the best records ever made. You put that record on and I don’t give a fuck if you’re Ulver or Mayhem or fucking Fall Out Boy, you’re gonna rethink everything. That’s shit’s the pinnacle of intense music.

On… evolution
Daryl: “ If you don’t give people a record they’re going to bitch about it anyway. People are like, ‘What have you been doing?’ And it’s like, ‘We’ve been writing two records, we’ve been rehearsing like sick motherfuckers, we’ve been playing everywhere and making our band a better band. Making a record doesn’t always make you a better band. People in bands never watch us and say, ‘When are you going to put out that fucking record?’ They say, ‘Dude…’ They get it, because what we’re achieving in terms of evolving as players is equally if not more important.

On… rumours, misconceptions and expectations
Manny Carrero: “People still think that Durijah [Lang, drums] and I are hired musicians. But we played Voodoo Lounge in Queens, and we can’t be fucking session musicians if we played there 10 years ago!
Durijah Lang: “People also sometimes think Manny is me.
Manny: “We were all there at that time, we were all doing this in 99 even though there was another person. We’ve been through all the shitty times and now we can do it over again the right way and with the same people. It’s not like we’re some session dudes and it’s all cold and impersonal; we all know each other really well and we get on.
Daryl: “The people who are only thinking about the record, they’re the same people who get mad when you play an hour and 15 minutes and then go to bed rather than playing an hour, walking off, coming back and playing 10 minutes. They are the same children who say, ‘You didn’t walk off and THEN play the last two!’

On… why the band still exists
Daryl: “Glassjaw provides a real outlet for all our creativity. And allows us to sit around making dick and fart jokes all day.
Justin Beck: “Glassjaw would suck if this was how we paid our rent because then you’d make stupid decisions in order to pay the bills. Once money and popularity have a bearing on your art then it’s gone, diluted. You lose it.

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