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Frankie Palmeri: ‘I Am Not Special. The Media Decided I Was’

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 7 April 2014 at 18.24

Excerpts from the outspoken Emmure frontman’s recent interview with Rock Sound, for the full story pick up Issue 186 of the magazine.

The Emmure feature in the latest issue of Rock Sound has got tongues wagging (and that's an understatement). Want to know what the fuss is about? Below is part of the unedited transcript from our interview with vocalist Frankie Palmeri, have a read and then head to to get your copy of Rock Sound Issue 186 and find out what we made of the conversation.

In 'The Hang Up' are you talking about your musical peer group? What/who/whom inspired that?
"I won't publicly address who inspired the song. But it's a way of tipping my hat to a certain peer of mine. And it's also a big fuck you to every one of my peers as well. They're a bunch of fakers who get on stage screaming about their fake problems. Guys with full time girlfriends and dogs and families who remember their birthday. They can all step the fuck off. I don't think every band I hear is a bunch of fakers. But I know who the fakers are and that song is directed towards them."

Again, a lyrical question, the use of 'faggots' in that song as an insult seems pretty insensitive and clumsy. Do you see that word as a slur against homosexuals? If so, why did you use it? If not, why not?
"Insensitive and clumsy? How fucking PC of you. Let me set the record straight. To think that I am using the word "faggot" to insult people who are homosexuals is amazingly ignorant and narrow minded. I never learned to use that word to put down someone because of their sexual preference. Anyone who uses that word with such intent is a fucking faggot. That making any sense? I guess people forgot that the legendary KoRn had a song called "Faget" and the song pretty much sums up the social stigma of the word."

Most of the record seems to be about you dealing with or responding to critics and/or criticism, do you feel under the microscope in your life at present?
"I am not special. The media decided I was. I guess that's because I must of done something of value that people gravitate towards so anything I do or say they will use to try and lessen the value of what I have contributed to the world. So, yes, there is material on the album which is a response to that. I don't mind being under the microscope though it's all fun and games to me. The whole world is talking about something I do or say and I am sitting in my apartment watching Netflix. It's hilarious."

Do you think this record will, perhaps ironically, increase the glare?
"I hope so."

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