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Framing Hanley

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Rock Sound 2 November 2009 at 19.41

Framing Hanley vocalist Kenneth Nixon on the band, their name and their plans for the future.

Rock Sound recently had a chat with rising band Framing Hanley, read below to see what vocalist Kenneth Nixon had to say about the band, their name and their plans for the future...

First off, there is an interesting but tragic story behind your name, care to tell the story for Rock Sound readers?
"We were known as Embers Fade prior to Framing Hanley," Nixon recalls. "When we signed our record deal, we changed the name of the band to Framing Hanley. The 'Hanley' in the band’s name is a tribute to a friend, Ashley Hanley, who died in a car accident in October 2006. She was a tireless promoter of our music and she was an anchor for us emotionally. She was a best friend to the band. Much of the art in 'The Moment' is directly related to Ashley, the most obvious being the framed photo."

You are heading back into the studio in November to start recording your second album, who will be producing?
"Brett Hestla from Dark New Day, produced the first record and will do this one. He also produced 'Lollipop', which was done a year after 'The Moment' was released in the US, and later added to the record. He was instrumental in our development and we have a special bond with Brett. And, he's the only guy we know with a tattoo on his head....that's just pure entertainment."

How will the record be different from 'The Moment'?
"We've had a number of experiences in the past three years, personally and professionally, that will influence the writing on the new record. We've become better players. We did the first record before most of us were 21. We wrote and recorded 'The Moment' in three weeks, which is insane. I think it will be a more focused record - broader sonically because we have more tools to play with - but certainly more focused from a lyrical standpoint."

Any special guests or surprises for fans?
"It wouldn't be a surprise if we told you. We've made a lot of friends on the road, so it's possible that a few guests will appear."

Finally, when do you think you will be making it over to the UK to tour?
"We're ready. We have warm jackets, let's do it! Our agent is lining up some great opportunities which we hope to announce soon so hopefully it won't be too long!"

Rock Sound has teamed up with Nashville quintet Framing Hanley to offer you an exclusive free download of their track '23 Days'. The song is taken from their sterling debut album 'The Moment'.

To access the free song all you have to do is click here to download. Simple eh! Impossible to get wrong.

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