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FIRST LISTEN: Those Without’s Brilliantly Buoyant Debut Album ‘Bittersweet’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 22 September 2021 at 15.55

Before it drops on Friday, check it out right here.

We're absolutely elated to be able to offer up an early listen to Those Without's debut album 'Bittersweet' before it drops everywhere on Friday (September 24). 

Delivering classic pop-punk intensity and piercing melody by the bucketload whilst presenting an open and raw commentary on the thoughts and feelings that existed within the band during its creation, the record is a perfect snapshot of this uncertain and unique period of all of our lives. Spiky, buoyant and brilliantly affecting, it's a big statement from a band that are only just getting started and have the world at their feet as we look towards the future.

Here we go then, get stuck into 'Bittersweet' in full below:

If you fancy listening to the album over on your favourite streaming service, you can pre-save it HERE

And if you fancy picking it up physically, you can pre-order it from right HERE

We also chatted to the band about putting the album together and what effect it has had on them...

What did you learn from the process of putting [EP] 'Neon Minds' together last year that helped you in putting 'Bittersweet' together?
"We definitely learned how to work under pressure. When writing 'Neon Minds' we made the (perhaps foolish) mistake of booking studio time before we had the songs fully written. We had the "shells" of seven or eight songs for the EP but we hadn't actually finished writing them nor had we decided which one's were good enough to make it onto the final product which put us under a bit of pressure (self-induced, but still). What’s interesting about that process is that it made us push through whatever writer’s block we were going through, seeing as we had a goal in sight as a band. So we sort of did the same thing with 'Bittersweet'.

"We started writing a bunch of songs for the album long before we had studio time booked, but like with 'Neon Minds' we didn’t have anything finished or fully written when it was time to move on to the next chapter of Those Without. We finished about three songs or so before the first song we wrote for the album actually came to life, which was 'Good Thyme'. We quickly realized what sound we wanted to go for when it came to the album, and the three songs we had written were scrapped seeing as they didn’t feel like they fit with the vibe we wanted for the final product."

What were your original intentions with this record and how did they adapt over the course of you creating it?
"Our original thought with the album was basically to flip the page and begin a new chapter. We felt like releasing a full-length album would be our biggest accomplishment yet and we set our sights on perfecting it. When we started writing the songs for the album we didn’t really go for a “theme” or a “setting”, we just started writing songs that we thought were good. As soon as we finished a song we were writing, we had discussions and made sure that everyone felt like it deserved a spot on the album, and the process itself was a lot easier than earlier expected. We managed to get a pretty good “flow” and song after song just came to life."

What was the main thread that you feel holds all of these songs together? It is something that you didn't expect?
"I think the name of the album actually sets the mood for the album, it’s a bittersweet release. Every song on the album is written from my perspective on life, and about emotions and events I’ve gone through over the course of my time on Earth. When we went into writing the album, I didn’t think the writing process would be so emotional to me. Songs like 'Pink Alligator', 'Under The Weather' and 'Webspinner' are all extremely heartfelt and a peek into my psyche which has definitely made me feel vulnerable. Every release so far has been equally exciting and nerve-wracking. It’s thrilling to share our new music with the world, but I’m always left feeling exposed."

What does this album mean as a whole piece of art for you?
"This album is to us what defines Those Without. It’s our hearts, souls, sweat, tears and blood combined into an album of songs. To be able to express yourself in music the way we get to is a privilege we feel every single day and we couldn’t be more proud of the work we’ve all put into Bittersweet. We love the music we create, we love each other and we love every single person who takes three minutes out of their lives to just listen to one of our songs."

What part of this record do you feel the most pride in being able to bring to life?
"I think it’s very different depending on who you ask. As the lyricist, I’m obviously amazed that we’ve been able to bring my song lyrics to life the way we had, but I’m equally amazed that every minor detail in the instrumentals are exactly where they should be. Whether it’s a drum fill, a lead guitar, a bass line or a sick rhythm there’s not a single thing any one of us would like to change in any of our songs."

How do you feel your own relationship with Those Without has adapted over the course of making these songs? What part does the band play within your lives now?
"Those Without matters more than anything to each and every one of us. We’ve all been best friends since we started this journey and with every experience, we get to share with one another we manage to grow even closer. Those Without is living proof that you don’t have to be related by blood to be a family."

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