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FIRST LISTEN: Resolve’s Sensationally Gripping Debut Album ‘Between Me and The Machine’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 25 November 2021 at 13.54

Hear it here first before it drops on Friday.

We are absolutely delighted to present to you an early listen to 'Between Me And The Machine', the full-length debut from Resolve, before its release tomorrow (November 26) via Arising Empire.

A seething blend of futuristic post-hardcore fury, energetic pop sensibility and arena-ready rock elation, the trio have delivered an album that not only transcends everything they have done previously but also places them at the front of an ever-chasing pack. Building worlds within their riffs and telling stories that go beyond the stars, the album feels like the start of something truly extraordinary.

With further ado, sit back and enjoy:

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We chatted to the band about putting the record together and what it means to them in these strange times...

What was your initial vision for 'Between Me and The Machine', and how did it develop into what it eventually became?
Anthony [Diliberto, Vocalist]: "It all started with us aiming to refine the sound we had already started to establish on our previous EP 'Pendulum'. We had been a band since 2016, had a couple of EPs under our belt, but as a band, you only get to do one debut album, and we knew we wanted it to be special. Two years into it, we now can see that it was the most challenging and rewarding project we’ve worked on. Listening to this album today, it feels like it’s the purest form of Resolve. You could say it helped us get a clearer vision of what we want to express with our art in general, almost as if the album shaped us as a band rather than the opposite."

What did you want to represent with the album's themes, and how did the world changing around you affect that ambition?
Robin [Mariat, Bassist]: "The lyrics are written from a very personal point of view. Song after song, it’s very much about the highs and lows of one’s life and mindset. We try to always have a glimpse of light in the thematics of any track, but there’s also some of them, such as the title track, that are very pessimistic, almost nihilistic, cause everyone has those kinds of days too, right? Regarding the ever-changing state of the world… we’re all still fairly young, and we feel like our understanding of the world around us is constantly evolving too. Also because these last two years have been a lesson of humility. As we’ve all experienced, everything can fall apart pretty quickly, so it also taught us just to go where our hearts tend to guide us and embrace our humanity with all of its strengths and flaws."

What did working on the record give the three of you during such an uncertain and strange time?
Anthony: "Honestly, it was kind of the only thing we had left, our only way to express ourselves as a band. We had our first serious tours and festival booked for 2020 and were looking forward to it, but with our schedule getting wiped off within a couple of weeks, it left us with almost nothing but the music. It almost felt like we were back to the earlier years of Resolve, back when we were working on our first songs with nothing else in mind. We gave this album our all, and hopefully, this feeling will translate to the listeners."

What did the development of the album teach you about the band that you may not have been aware of previously?
Nathan [Mariat, Drummer]: "Looking back, we can say we are proud of how we handled the whole of 2020. There have been so many moments when it felt like the lockdowns would never end when we could have thrown the towel very easily, but we’re still here, and we feel like we’re a better band because of it. Making 'Between Me and The Machine' in such an uncertain time showed us that we can go through anything if we put our minds to it."

What do you hope that people are going to be able to get out of this record? What mindset do you hope that it puts them in?
Robin: "We wrote this album with the intent of it being as rich as possible, musically and lyrically. Like Anthony was saying earlier, from the start of this band, we were waiting for the right moment to release our first album and make it something of its own rather than just more music from Resolve. We are a self-produced band, and we worked extremely hard on the sonics of the record. Our goal is to put the listener through a vast journey, with eleven songs that we hope will feel like more."

Nathan: "We love every song on the album, but BMATM really makes sense when you press play, sit back, close your eyes, and get lost in it."

What does Resolve mean to you at this moment? What role does it play in your lives compared to when you first started making music together?
Anthony: "This band is central to our lives, it always has been. Right now, towards the end of the album campaign, it’s taking a lot of hours, much more than we had previously experienced, and we’re pleased about it. There’s always been this sort of « all or nothing » mentality between us. Still, seeing how we slowly and steadily managed to grow our audience and get more opportunities over the last year, we feel like our name has never been more appropriate to how we feel."

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