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Exclusive Album Stream: Fighting With Wire - Colonel Blood

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 18 September 2012 at 11.52

Eleven tracks of sheer awesome from Derry trio Fighting With Wire.


Fighting With Wire release their second album 'Colonel Blood' through Xtra Mile Recordings next week, want to wait til then to hear it? US NEITHER, that's why we are streaming the record on the site now (don't worry, the band and label know...honest).

But but but but, before you scroll down to click play on this immense album and get stuck in to a track by track description of 'Colonel Blood' from frontman Cahir O'Doherty, remember that the band are supporting Coheed & Cambria this November on the following UK dates...

07 - LONDON Koko
08 - LONDON Koko
11 - BIRMINGHAM Academy

Got that? You know about the album preorder links too yeah (iTunes, Amazon, Xtra Mile, HMV, Play)? Good, now you can have fun with the record.

01. Waiting On A Way To Believe
"Riffs and a catchy chorus, this is one of the first songs we wrote for the record and I think it captures what our band is all about."

02. I Won't Let You Down
"This song was written in Nashville and it felt like something a little different for us to try lyrically and musically."

03.Colonel Blood
"This track is us trying to be Nirvana, haha, it's got the quiet/loud thing and it's just a wee bit filthy."

04. Erase You
"Pop? Rock? Murder?"

05. Didn't Wanna Come Back Home
"This is the first single from the record, it's an uptempo rock song with loads of hooks and Craig destroying the drum kit."

06. Graduate
"An older song that we worked up and it turned out to be one of our favourite tracks on the album."

07. Dead Memory
"The intro riff in this song we had knocking about for so long, I'm glad we finally we managed to find somewhere for it to live. This song is a little different to what we normally do with its half time chorus and guitar solo."

08. Plug Me In
"This song was written about the state of television today and how people are overwhelmed with all these reality shows and fake celebs. It was also written to replace another song on the record we didn't like, but that's a really long story."

09. The Great Escape
"Another song we wrote years ago and it came back to surprise us when we were working up tracks for the record, the woah woah chorus reminds me of our first record but I'm glad it's on this album, it turned out great."

10. Blackout
"This track is 100% rock, it's about not backing down, standing your ground and fighting for what you believe in before ultimately getting knocked the fuck out! DOH!"

11. Run For Cover
"Two songs in one; it starts acoustic and then takes you on a journey, building as it goes. I always loved how Pearl Jam had that ability to take you on an epic journey through their songs, I guess this is our take on that."

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