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Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz Has Revealed More Details About The ‘M A N   I   A’ Experience

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 29 August 2018 at 10.29

Apparently it's "been a fucking nightmare to do"!

Fall Out Boy's
Pete Wentz has explained a bit more about what The 'M A  N   I    A' Experience is going to entail. 

Last week the band revealed that their long awaited exhibition would take place September 8 & 9 in Chicago and would feature "12 different spaces for you to walk through (everything from a giant purple wave, to a room with music boxes filled with unreleased remixes and covers, + more)". They also revealed that "Frosty and Royal Tea will be there, in the fur, ready for some photo ops."

We caught up with Pete and Andy over the weekend to find out a bit more and this is what Pete had to say:

"I feel we live in a time when it's all replies and @'s and emojis and we thought there could something that could be counter-intuitive to that. Where you create an analog space and something that's physical. People will literally be able to walk inside of 'M A  N   I    A' or the way that we envision it.

What I really want to stress is, because people are like 'why isn't this coming on tour', this has been a fucking nightmare to do. God bless the people who do this as their job. I'm trying to do this on a budget of a Fall Out Boy record. If I was Elon Musk I would shoot myself in the fucking head. Like it's crazy. The moving parts on something this small are just crazy.

So if people are in the area, they should come to this because it's going to be really hard for us to recreate that. If not i'm sure that people will Instagram Live it and you can FaceTime your friend and everyone can experience this."

VERY interesting. 

Check out the full chat for yourself below:

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