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EXCLUSIVE: This Is How THECITYISOURS Made Their Incredible Wrestling-Themed Video For ‘Dangerous’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 13 July 2021 at 11.09

From character development to execution, this is how they pulled it off.

Photo: Murry Deaves

THECITYISOURS have recently shared another song off their upcoming album 'COMA' paired it with an incredible visual.

The track is 'Dangerous', a chaotic little modern metalcore ditty full of bristling riffs and barked vocals. It's funky, fierce and full of pit-ready energy.

And to match that energy the band have put together an incredible video where they live out everybody's childhood fantasy and put on their own wrestling match.

It looks a lot like this:

Now you've seen the finished product, we're delighted to present footage of exactly how they pulled it off.

But first, we asked vocalist/guitarist Mikey Page a few questions to get some context to how this brilliant idea came to be:

Where did the idea for this theme initially come from and how quickly did it build into the final product?
"'Dangerous' really is a curveball on this record. We threw all caution to the wind when writing the song and just trusted our gut instincts to create something unlike anything CITY has ever produced before.

"We wanted to try and create an experience that was as visually interesting to match this ethos. Jamie [Deeks, Bassist] & I were both huge wrestling fans as kids, so I made the suggestion of creating our own wrestling promotion and titling our first Main Event ‘Dangerous’! Initially, I didn’t think the boys would go for the idea, but everybody got on board with it straight away. It was then a huge logistical battle trying to work out how to make the idea a reality, without looking too underwhelming!"

How was it coming up with the specific concepts and character ideas? Who were you channelling?
"Part of the initial idea was actually an ongoing joke that’s been passed around over the years. I once ‘speared’ Louis [Giannamore, Drums] into a bin, following some overzealous play fighting whilst on tour. From then on, Louis has nicknamed me ‘Big Money Page’ so that seemed like the obvious place to start!

"Similarly, Studog is a collective nickname we have used for Stuart [Mercer, Guitarist] & Louis for years, so it seemed like a great place to stem their characters from.

"Jamie & I knew we wanted to play the ‘heel’ characters, but we thought it would be fun to come up with a name that was a little tongue in cheek. We brainstormed some money based ideas and eventually settled on ‘Lunch Money’!

"With the team & character names sorted, the rest was fairly easy to embody. We looked at heel characters such as The Shield & D-Generation X to try and find a nice balance between humour and heel for Team Lunch Money! For the baby face Studog, we channelled old school characters like Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio & John Cena to try and give them the ammunition to really win the audience over as a real underdog."

What was the hardest thing to master?
"The hardest part without question was actually looking like we knew how to wrestle. We all exercise, but none of us are especially athletic, let alone professional wrestlers and it became apparent very early on that we weren’t going to be able to pull that side of the project off on our own.

"We enlisted the help of our good friend Walwin, who has been training in wrestling for a number of years, to help us put together some sequences that would make a visually entertaining experience for the viewer.

"We were adamant that we wanted to do all the wrestling ourselves, but with limited time, it was a real challenge to learn how to do it safely with enough time to shoot everything we needed! It was an incredible experience and one I’d love to try again at some point!"

What was the most satisfying thing to make happen?
"I think the best part of all this was being able to have a live audience in for filming. We had to follow strict guidelines to ensure everyone was as safe as possible, but being surrounded by our friends and family while we got to put this project together, particularly during a lockdown period where contact with some of those people had been limited, made it even more special.

"There was a spot where we put Louis through the announcer's table. We didn’t tell the audience what was coming, in order to try and catch genuine reactions on camera! The atmosphere in the room was electric as they reacted and actually made us quite emotional. It’s certainly an experience that will stay with us forever."

How did it feel living out what is essentially a bucket list tick for so many people and for it to be as part of the band's legacy now?
"When I initially pitched the idea, I had no idea that it was going to turn out the way it did. We were legitimately wrestlers for a few days! The costume, the lights, the ring, the audience - it was all perfect! Like many kids, I dreamed of being a wrestler when I was young, so to have the opportunity to live that dream was truly amazing!

"Being able to roll it into the CITY experience was the cherry on top of the cake! Doing something that allowed us to show a different side to ourselves as individuals was incredibly refreshing. We want people to connect to this album in whatever way they see fit, but with so much of the lyrical content having such sombre and distressed connotations, it was great to be able to have a fun-filled relief partway through the campaign!

"Thanks to everyone who made this possible! We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!"

SO, here we go then:

'COMA' is set for release on October 22 via Arising Empire.

Here's the title track:

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