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Exclusive Stream: Night Verses

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 30 April 2012 at 11.00

They’re giving away their debut EP for free on May 15. Get introduced to Night Verses with the first taste of music right here!

Allow us to introduce you to Night Verses. Haven't heard of them before? Well you might recognise one of the faces up there. That's Douglas Robinson, and he used to front a pretty sweet band called The Sleeping. Well now, he's joined up with three incredibly talented musos from LA and together, they make one hell of a noise.

Night Verses' debut EP 'Out Of The Sky' will be available for free download from May 15, and today, we're super excited to be able to bring you a taster. Have a listen to our exclusive stream of the track 'From The Shadows Where I'm Low' using the Soundcloud player below!

Speaking of the band's intentions and the new EP 'Out Of The Sky', Douglas has this to say:

“Honestly it’s not really a reference to anything specific, it’s how we felt we wanted to introduce ourselves; we’ve [come] out of nowhere. There’s a boldness to it that I really like. It just goes along with what we’re trying to accomplish, it’s going to be in your face and it’s always going to rain down. I don’t mean that in any bragging way; I’m just so excited! I want to explode and literally breathe fire on everybody and I think it’s going to happen with this band!”

So as you can tell, the man's excited. And if you like what you hear, Douglas has promised Rock Sound that it won't be long before the UK gets the full Night Verses live experience:

"Honestly, our main goal is to get to the UK first. We’re definitely not leaving out anywhere else but I just want to be there. I miss it there and I just know that the UK and Europe is where this band would have a great start!"

We're down with that. So go on, have a listen, and keep an eye out for this lot over the summer. Big things are happening!

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