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Exclusive: Letlive ‘Fake History’ Album Track By Track

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 6 April 2011 at 14.00

The band’s amazing album dissected in one location!

Letlive's 'Fake History' is getting re-released by Epitaph Records and we could talk forever (seriously, try timing us) about how much we love this band and this album, but why bother when vocalist Jason Aalon Butler wants to talk you through the record in his own words. The other side of this album player it's all Jason, go fella...

Welcome to Fake History! Well, my friends, while writing this album we would often find ourselves in discussion after sessions. We would discuss various matters that span all across the board. Ranging from socioeconomics (or socio-economics. Take your pick) and national dignities to what color the letters should be on our Myspace. Needless to say, we are a rather opinionated band. We all see things through different lenses, but understand we would like the same results.

Now let’s transpose that thought on over to the macro scale. Over to society. Over to the world. Your world, which in turn will directly affect OUR world. Since the beginning of time, not just man (and woman, for all you very capable feminists reading this), but all living organisms, have been striving to succeed. More primitively, we consider this success, survival. In order to succeed and survive, all things have been forced to be manipulative. It is the inevitable. Here lies the difference in what we have been advised throughout popular thought and what has actually happened. The huge difference in two simple little words ­ adapt and manipulate. I am absolutely certain that you have been told that man has adapted to his surroundings in order to advance. When in actuality, man has manipulated, taken advantage of, or exploited his environment to ensure success while surviving. This has remained the case up until right now. As I am writing this to you, I could turn on the TV and find a prime example.

Right after that, I could look out my window and find another, just as exemplary. That is the Fake History. It is the highly publicized alternate reality. It’s what is said to advertise images, condone icons, promote fear to all of those willing to subscribe. Now don’t get me wrong, I do not fault people for believing in the sense of security society has worked so hard to convince them of their entire lives. Not at all. All I am doing is telling that society that I’m onto their bullshit. I’m telling that society, all those societies, that I know about their Fake History and I am certainly not the only one. Don't worry, we're not being overzealous. I write this to you as I am enjoying my favorite "organic" beverage. Where the fruit used for this beverage is absolutely free of any pesticides or stimulant for growth. That is also bullshit I buy into on the other side of the spectrum.

01. Le Prologue
This song was placed on the album aptly, if I may say so. We would like to believe its purpose is served as an introductory track while prefacing, not only the content, but the ardency as well. Actually, nevermind the "we would like to believe", let's be brash with perhaps an incremental level of conceit and say it was. Its purpose was served. Fuck conceit, though.

02. The Sick, Sick, 6.8 Billion
First, I would like to make the patrons of this magazine, and possibly letlive., aware that we are not "that" band. We're not going to stand behind anything that tramples on another doctrine of belief because that is the most common vice we exhibit as human beings - arrogance. We seem to feel that this universe is centered solely around our existence and never consider catering to anything but ourselves. Catering to our species and much more specifically, catering to us, the individual.

On a much smaller, but just as detrimental scale we have invented ways to marginalize others by way of regimes, labels, and belief systems. While religion(s) is included, one must be aware that this is not the only one. There is a much bigger picture and when we focus all of our efforts on one issue we become fanatics, whether you're falling to your knees as the presence of the holy ghost takes over your body or you're masturbating over Richard Dawkins’ latest lecture at an esteemed University on Youtube. The fact remains - you are falling victim to fanaticism. You are now foreclosing the bounty of alternatives that you could at least glance at before you subscribe to "the truth". We are, on the other hand, "this" band. The band that will illuminate that arrogance spiraling through our genetic coding and manifests itself in ambiguous warfare, unwarranted ignorance, and terrible fashion trends. Shout out to Tom Ford for keeping it classy over the years while the world was riddled with rue and dire international issues.

03. Renegade 86'
This song is about my dad. Look dad, I'm in Rock Sound. I made it dad.

04. Enemies/Enemigos
Despite recent realization that I can exhibit some vulgar behavior on stage, I am considerably prudish. Knowing this, it would seem ironic that I would choose to utilize sex as an allegory for other issues I deem worth 3.5 minutes of both your and my time, but I actually find it parallels many issues that I seem to find pertinent. In this song I was attempting to bring to attention the Lemming mentality I have observed in almost all cultures and the missteps we make when choosing to deviate. After serving an unremitting banal process it becomes much easier for our decisions to take on very rash and imprudent personalities.

05. Casino Columbus
Essentially this is a song based on people's complacency with some fairly underhanded bouts of conquest/imperialism/bullies on the playground/etc. Don't worry, I certainly allude to Mr. Columbus in the title, but I'm not thaaaat direct in my subject matter. I'm simply calling upon the events in 1492 to raise the listener's brow with something familiar. Engaging them. Then referencing a myriad of similar instances throughout history and current day. I'm like...way cryptic and mysterious.

06. Muther
"The Scarlet Letter" meets modern America's marital statistics coupled with the wonderful world of neo family structure or what many believe to be a complete lack thereof. No matter how great the indiscretion, you must remember, we as humans will err. Just as the clichéd maxim put it, we must also learn from these indiscretions. Exercise an effort to understand- and continue forward. This is how we will become better humans. Emotion with tinges of logic, such a beautiful paradox. Oh, it's also about my mom... and some idiot that was not my father.

07. Homeless Jazz
I like this song. Don't you?

08. We, The Pros Of Con
This is a song we do not play live. Although we all agree we would like to, it never seems to happen. Again, this is a song that touches on the issue of that proverbial blindfold that those atop the caste offer us to wear the moment we exit the womb. Once they see that we have succumbed to its appeal in one way or another, they then tighten that blindfold.

Now not to make sure we cannot behold what is in front, around, or more crassly put - inside of us, but they are now lessening the slack on these blindfolds that circumvent our skulls so dramatically that we can't even fathom thinking. "Blindfolds", impaired vision used as a metaphor for complacency in a socially/mentally diseased environment, all these new age punk rock metaphors. Who the hell does that? Probably the same guy that uses metaphors for satire and satire to provoke thought.

Or just some verbose asshole from Inglewood. Either way, I got you this far.

09. H. Ledger
Let's address an obvious question here. Many will ask, "do you think he really jumped off that cliff side in that movie everyone has trouble watching without worrying about their certainty on sexual orientation?" I answer with, "No". Because I don't think he did. I know he did. Jake Gyllenhaal said so in his feature in GQ last September.

Now onto the song. It's more an event in popular culture that we so happened to be writing a song during than it is direct homage. This event was, obviously, the death of Mr. Heath Andrew Ledger. At that time we were writing a song in which we wanted to find a clever way to pay homage to bands that we felt didn't receive proper recognition until they were no longer active. Simultaneously, this young man had just completed one of his most revered roles (after "Broke Back", of course) and subsequently passed away. This is where we found relevance existing between the two. Now I must make it clear that my titling this song is in no way a deep enough condolence, but it does in fact highlight an instance that we feel happens far too often.

10. Over Being Under
Somewhere along the timeline of music, art, and the sanctioned idea of subculture we somehow attached a stigma to success. We condemn those that manage to transcend our affectionate party full of esoteric misfits and brand them with that all too passé term "sell-out". I don't quite agree with that. We choose to overlook the conservation of integrity that many credible artists possess and figure ostracizing them from our minds, hearts, and Facebook "likes" is one of the only ways for us, ourselves, to remain credible. Second to burning them at the most eco conscious stake we can find. In closing, Disney Music...I'll be sending you the advance copy of Fake History 2 as soon as Clear Channel sends us the edit.

11. Day 54
We have not reached a consensus on how every individual should choose to live their life. Yet there are still so many that act as though we have. These people are wrong. xxx

12. Hollywood, And She Did
Our culture seems to have a strange affinity for adversity. We have found a way to exploit danger. I don't mean to mitigate the worth in such classics as "The Last Action Hero" starring California's very own Arnold Schwarzenegger. I don't mean that kind of danger. I mean the danger that has somehow been omitted from commercialized violence, and sex, and drug pushing, and gun toting.

I may seem biased in this regard, but namely- that ghetto living. That hood life. That real shit. I am a firm believer that all of that danger and dirty tap water builds some rather unshakable and exceptional character. My only qualm with it all is that a lot of folks are only willing to go as far as their 62" flatscreen television to understand it.

(Growing up poor with our safety in perpetual question wasn't cool. Don't commend me or my crew for that. Instead, let's appreciate the fact that we were able to excel beyond that level and more importantly, let's imbue those methods to posterity)

13. Lemon Party
We choose to bare skin.

14. This Mime (A Sex Symbol)
Before we even think to bear our souls.


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