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Exclusive Interview With Lostprophets Vocalist Ian Watkins

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 2 December 2009 at 19.11

Rock Sound gets candid with Lostprophets vocalist Ian Watkins as Issue 130 hits stores.

The new issue of Rock Sound contains a candid interview with Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins as he opens up about his personal life and new album ’The Betrayed’.

For a taster of the issue read this exclusive online interview below as Watkins offers his thoughts on Nickelback, Stephen Hawking and beef with Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington. Never a dull moment!

Does it ever annoy you that people link intelligence so closely to genre? Just because you write a simple four chord chorus people that it is all you know how to do.
”It boggles my mind. Why is intelligence in any way linked to musical style? Why cant a quantum physicist be into nu-metal and why cant a mildly retarded janitor be in a Portland-art rock band. Why not? Stephen Hawking might love Disturbed? The preconception is that whoever plays metal is stupid and whoever is in Art Brut is really intelligent.”

It clearly frustrates you.
”Absolutely, it drives me mad that people cannot see that a song like ‘Rooftops’ was done on purpose. That song is my attempt at writing the simplest chorus ever, it was an experiment, I’m obsessed with writing the best chorus in the world. You know what, maybe Chad Kroeger is in on the joke, maybe he knows exactly what he is doing as it takes some kind of idiot savant to write choruses that catchy. They have sold more than any other act in the last few years yet he’s stupid? Come on.”

What is the future of DJ sideproject L’Amour La Morgue?
”Originally I didn’t want to be a DJ because everyone thinks they are a fucking DJ with their iPod. For me it is a real band and it will be a real band, I’ve always wanted it to be like The Prodigy and we are working towards that.”

Were the other guys in Lostprophets apprehensive when you started doing it?
”No because it’s totally different and it’s not like what the twat from Linkin Park is doing. What a tit. It blows my fucking mind what he did at Sonisphere. That is the most disrespectful and unbelievable thing I’ve ever heard. Plus, singer from alt rock band starts alt rock band side project, pointless. I hate him.”

Have you ever met him?
”That guy’s a cock. The rest of the guys in the band are absolutely fine. We have a lot of history with him.”

People have said the same about you.
”I’ve learnt to let it not bother me. The standard thing is that I’m arrogant or a prick. Thing is, if you’re gonna have a war of words with me I love it, I’m yet to meet someone who can beat me.”

To get your hands on Rock Sound Issue 130 and read more from Ian and the rest of the band click here, you will not be disappointed!

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