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Exclusive First Play: Stray From The Path

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 15 August 2011 at 18.00

A world premiere from Stray From The Path’s new album ‘Rising Sun’.

Click on the player above for your first listen to 'Prey', a track on Stray From The Path's incendiary new album 'Rising Sun', due for release in the UK on August 29 (US on August 30) through Sumerian Records.

"We got the inspiration from the song looking at the bands that claim to be part of the Christian hardcore/metalcore scene," guitarist Tom Williams admits. "The bands that we meet, bands that we see, bands that we hear all claim to be part of this thing and it looks like they are just using their religion for financial gain. It pissed us off as it is manipulating people. The song actually branches out to more than just bands, it's about people who use religion in any way to make money out of others."

The song features a guest appearance from Norma Jean's vocalist Cory Brandan. "It was cool that Cory collaborated with us on the track as he is a respected figure in that whole scene," Williams added. "He agreed with the sentiment of the song and recognised that it was a problem too, the song really came together once he came into the picture, it was great working with him as we are all massive fans of the band."

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