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Exclusive First Play: I Am The Avalanche

Andrew Kelham
Andrew Kelham 22 August 2011 at 17.22

It’s been too long and now finally I Am The Avalanche are back! Result!

Six years after their self-titled debut and I Am The Avalanche are (finally) back with a new album, 'Avalanche United', due for release in October.

Click on the player above to listen to 'Holy Fuck', a song with an intensely personal meaning for vocalist Vinnie Caruana. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can read the lyrics, too.

"People have come to know me as an honest guy when it comes to lyrics and this record will be no different," he admits. "The song is definitely about the darker times that have been going on since we took our break. We chose this song for everyone to hear first as it speaks so well for the entire record, it has a little bit of everything that we were going for on the new album as it's melodic, aggressive and urgent throughout."

The track is a brutally frank exposition of Caruana's darkest moment in recent years: "I got married to an English girl and it didn't work out so I ended up getting a divorce," the singer explains. "That provided a lot of content for me to pour my heart out about, it was a monumental thing that happened while we were writing and the tone of the record took a sharp turn after it."

While the band never went away it did go quiet for I Am The Avalanche, who balanced jobs and normal lives while writing and occasionally playing shows. The pace slowed down, but it's going to be picking up again soon. "I never doubted that we would come back and do this but we were definitely in a state of hibernation," he continues. "We basically realised that we had a great record on our hands and that we needed to go and show everybody how it's done again.

These songs make me feel like I'm 18 years old and I'm about to go on my first tour. I just want everyone in the world to hear the record played live. I've been sitting in New York trying not to forsake time but I cannot wait for the album to come out so we can get back on the road and back to the life I want. The catharsis happens for me there, I get to go out and sing about life every single night until it doesn't hurt anymore."

"I think it's a great time for us to come back," he adds finally. "There are so many terrible bands doing embarrassing things, trends that disturb me come and go every week, but there are still a ridiculous amount of great young bands coming through too. I can't wait to be in rooms experiencing these songs with people."

I Am The Avalanche tour the US with Bayside and Saves The Day in October, expect UK dates to be announced soon. For more info head to

'Holy Fuck' Lyrics

So I’m alone for the first time in five years,
holy fuck, things have changed.
I’m happy to see you can live without me.
I’ve sorted out my life, my tragic life.
Don’t pat yourself on the back yet.
Just shut your mouth and pay your rent.
And make a record they’ll never forget.
I care too much, too much to leave.
You don’t turn your back on family.
Besides, how could I ever look you in the eye without knowing that I tried?
Thank God it wasn’t winter when all this me and you shit hit the fan.
The sun, the streets, the records I bought were my crutches again and again.
Don’t pat yourself on the back yet.
Just shut your mouth and pay your rent.
This is a year that you’ll never forget.
Change is something I accept,
but I can’t accept a stranger in you so please make this a dream.

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