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End Of Level Boss

Mike Kemp
Mike Kemp 3 June 2007 at 19.49

Sounds Like: Kyuss jamming with Voivod, with Chris Cornell laying down the vocals.

When Rise Above-affiliated stoners Hangnail went on an indefinite hiatus, frontman Harry Armstrong decided he didn't fancy sitting at home twiddling his thumbs. Instead he started a new project incorporating riffs and ideas deemed "too odd" for his former band.

"Hangnail was designed for that simple head-nodding goodtime groove; that's what it was about," says the guitarist / vocalist. "But that's not what life's about really. It's not all good times. There are some twisted, dark moments, and we wanted to do some music that included that."

With their videogame-derived moniker and latest album 'Inside The Difference Engine' name-checking what was arguably the world's first computer, you might think End Of Level Boss are big fans of technology. However, when it comes to recording, the quartet are defiantly old-skool, having tracked all their releases in fully analogue studios.

"I'm a bit of an old hippie when it comes to that," confesses Harry. "It should be that you put a mic in front of a band, tell them to play, and press record; none of this cutting and pasting and chopping around bullshit. If you can't play the songs from beginning to end, don't be in a band! Piss off and leave it to the people who can!"

Current Release: 'Inside The Difference Engine' (album, Exile On Mainstream. Out May 21)
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