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Eight Times Bands Went Above And Beyond For Their Fans

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 20 April 2018 at 19.21

It's bloody lovely to hear when a band does something nice for someone. So we assembled eight heartwarming tales.

01. When Anna missed out on buying a PVRIS VIP experience, Lynn Gunn intervened
Anna was sorely disappointed when the VIP bundles for an upcoming PVRIS tour were sold out before she had the chance to buy one. She took to twitter to see if anything could be done, and Lynn stepped in to make sure management put her on the guest list for the VIP meet and greet. She also got a super cute photo to remember the experience:


02. The All-American Rejects agreed to play a fan's wedding 
Last year, a fan gathered the requisite 50k retweets (a number set by the band) to have The All-American Rejects play her sister's wedding. Frontman Tyson Ritter even offered to rent a powder blue tux for the occasion:

Come to think of it, this happened almost a year ago. So we best check up on how this all went down. 

03. Halflives hosted an intimate showcase for two fans who travelled for a cancelled show
JJ and Ryan had travelled to Italy from the UK to see Halflives, but their show was sadly cancelled. When the band found out about the situation, they leapt in to action, setting up an exclusive (and intimate) show in their rehearsal space. Halflives played a short set (including their previously unheard single 'Crown', which you can check out below), had dinner with them, then drove them back to their hotel in Milan. SO SWEET.

04. This Wild Life have agreed to play a fan's wedding
It took 100k retweets, but the lads in This Wild Life agreed to play their brand new single 'Hold You Here' at a fan's wedding for her first dance. Literally a recreation of their heartwarming, super touching video.

All together now- aaaawwwwwwww! And because we never really need an excuse to watch the video for 'Hold You Here', check it out below:

05. Trivium's Matty Heafy sent a custom guitar to a fellow Twitch streamer
To thank Twitch streamer Djari (and Trivium super fan) for helping him learn the ropes on Twitch, he sent her a brand new custom guitar. 

A very VERY generous gift!

06. Joel Madden intervened to make sure Jordan's sister met Waterparks
Not entirely sure who gets the title here for making this heartwarming story come to fruition. But when Good Charlotte's Joel Madden (and manager to Waterparks) heard about Jordan's younger sister having had two heart transplants, and desperately wanting to meet Waterparks? He stepped IN, taking both Jordan and her sister backstage to see the boys and get a super cute photo together.

07. Decade are sending a superfan the ultimate wedding present
When a bride-to-be reached out to Decade asking if the band would mind signing a little something that she could give her fiancée as a wedding gift, Decades took it all one step further. They've assembled a full pack of merch and vinyl, and have written a personalised letter to the bride and groom. We have to keep the rest of the details on this one a bit of a secret, because the wedding isn't for another couple of months, but rest assured. It's all very sweet. 

08. Fall Out Boy ordered pizzas for fans waiting outside their London show in freezing temperatures
Remember when Fall Out Boy came off hiatus in 2013 and played that run of small club shows? Well when they heard that fans had been lining up in the sub-zero temperatures outside London's Camden Assembly for over 24 hours, the band ordered a whole lot of pizzas to feed them all. A lovely gesture for some of the world's most dedicated fans.

And a couple of bonus ones from you guys, from when we asked if a band has ever gone above and beyond for you:

Well, sure.


And that's enough internet for one day. 

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