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Drummer Live With Nicko McBrain

Darren Sadler
Darren Sadler 5 June 2009 at 14.02

Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain tells Rock Sound what to expect from the upcoming Drummer Live event.

Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain will be compering and performing at the Drummer Live event taking place on June 13/14 at London’s ExCel venue in Docklands, in advance of the event Rock Sound caught up with the sticksman to find out what we can expect from his appearance at the event...

Alright Nicko! You’ve been involved in this Drummer Live business for a while now…
''Oh blimey yeah, I think I did the first one that [Drummer Live organiser] Clive Morton put together. He did the London guitar show and I played that with my mate Phil Hilborne, and Clive said “I’m doing Drummer Live, would you come up and play at one and host it?” We did the first one at the Wembley Conference Centre, about five or six years ago I think it was, and I said “Well I tell you what, if I host the first one, I want to host them all”, and now he’s stuck with me!''

What can Drummer Live virgins look forward to at the next event?
''I’m gonna do something completely different, something that’s gonna make people come in and go “What the fuck is he doing?” I’m very excited about it, but I’m also very honoured to be asked to get up and introduce all these wonderful drummers and just cause mischief and mayhem up on stage. Give me a microphone and I’ll just go off one.''

Why is it so important to you to keep attending these kinds of events?
''Well it’s a sort of peace of mind. What it does for me is it gives me a chance to get up close and personal with fans and people in the audience and it gives me a chance to be out there and have a bit of a laugh! I am a ham; I love all that stuff, and Clive’s a great guy and has always been very fair with Phil and myself.''

So Clive doesn’t mind letting you loose with a microphone?
''Whenever we’ve done work with him he’s been a gracious host and taken care of everybody, and he’s very conscientious. Me and Phil don’t have many airs and graces, so we can make things run smoothly and it’s good for people to come. Phil’s not doing Drummer Live this year, I’m gonna do it with another mate, but there’s not gonna be a big full-tilt band going on. I don’t really wanna say anything about it because it’ll be a bit of a surprise!''

Sounds exciting
''I’ve met some wonderful people over the years of introducing and hosting; it gives me a chance to meet other drummers in different guilds of music and get to know them on a personal level rather than just hearing of them. I get to talk to each person before I say “What do you want me to say, have you got a book out, have you got a frikking DVD out?”, that kinda thing. So you get a little insight into these people.''

So it’s a case of ‘expect the unexpected’ in June?
''It’s gonna be something very different, and I just love it because it gives me a chance to get up and make a fool of myself, except it’s with a microphone and not a drum set! Ha!''

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