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Rock Sound 2 July 2014 at 11.54

Reading metallers five-piece Malefice have been quiet for a while. The good news is they're a) playing Sonisphere this weekend b) there's a new EP coming soon (details TBC) and c) We've got a FREE DOWNLOAD of one track taken from it. Come get yours.

Click on the download button in the top right of the player above to download the song immediately.

Speaking of the track, vocalist Dale Butler has said: "After taking some time out from the band to do our own things and focus on our own lives we came back together not feeling as we had given all we have to give to Malefice... We spent a long booze-fuelled evening talking about what we want to do and what came out of that discussion is that we want to write music we like, we don't want to write music to fit in or to sound like whatever is 'cool' this year. We are going to back to what makes us Malefice and were gonna write some fucking heavy music to headbang to. And that's that."

Malefice play Sonisphere festival at 3pm on the Jagermeister stage this Friday. For the rest of the stage times, head to this link

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