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Devil Sold His Soul - Five Reasons To Be Excited

Ben Patashnik
Ben Patashnik 28 September 2010 at 15.28

Our countdown to the Rock Sound Presents… Powered By Fender tour continues, with DSHS today’s focus. Read on if you want to know yet another reason why you can’t miss this tour

1. New album ‘Blessed & Cursed’ is ridiculously good
Their 07 debut ‘A Fragile Hope’ was indeed superb – after all, it’s not like their recent success has come from nowhere – but last month’s follow-up was that rarest of things: a young band delivering on all their early promise. Thing is, it’s not hard to do the quiet / loud thing, but it’s almost impossible to pull it off with quite as much style as they do on the likes of ‘Frozen’ and ‘A Foreboding Sky’. It’s 64 minutes of the finest metal you’ll hear all year, and you can quote us on that.

2. They will dominate your ears
Okay, it’s not a big thing to say ‘they’re pretty loud’, because that’s the same as saying ‘there are six of them’ – no shit, Sherlock. But live it’s like standing on a beach as a tsunami in the distance (the quiet bits, when you’re like, ‘Oh shit, something massive is about to happen and I don’t know whether to be scared or excited’) and then crash over your head (the heavy bits, when you’re like, ‘Oh shit, this is completely mental and it feels like I’m actually being drenched in noise’). Which is nice.

3. Comeback Kid’s Andrew Neufeld thinks they rule

His guest vocals on ‘The Disappointment’ mean more than just some hardcore dude turning up at the studio with some metal dudes and doing some screaming. Both CBK and DSHS have had more than their fair share of strife over the past few years, so this Transatlantic (Neufeld recorded his vocals separately on his laptop and sent them over) hookup represents two damn fine bands showing each other props for no other reason than they like each other’s music.

4. They REALLY mean it
We’ve all seen it a million times – a band standing onstage and emoting within an inch of their lives, claiming to be ‘doing it for the love of music’ when in fact they’re ‘doing it for drugs and blowjobs’. But DSHS, y’see, really are That Band Who Cares Loads. You can see it in the ecstasies of their performance, the intimate care put into their artwork and the sadness that hits when they realise that soon it’ll be Monday morning, the day-job is calling and the dream has to be delayed once again.

5. They’ll prove metal can be cinematic
People don’t usually mosh down at DSHS shows, and that’s for a number of reasons. Firstly, doing kung-fu kicks in a crowd of people is dumb on several levels, but it’s mainly because their songs all sound like they were written to soundtrack bits in films where the hero stands on top of a windswept mountain holding an axe / gun / laser blaster (delete depending on whether you’re a fantasy nerd / violent weirdo / sci-fi geek) having saved Middle Earth / the world / the galaxy. And that’s pretty cool if you ask us.

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