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Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows Reveal Meaning Behind Name

Ben Patashnik
Ben Patashnik 26 January 2011 at 15.16

Also known as D.R.U.G.S., the new band featuring members from Chiodos, Matchbox Romance, Underminded, From First To Last and Story Of The Year have a rather weird name, right? Here’s why.

This year you will be hearing a lot about Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows aka D.R.U.G.S.. Fronted by the simply unignorable Craig Owens - formerly of Chiodos and a fistful of other projects, as well as being one of the internet's most talked-about scenesters - and featuring Matt Good (From First To Last), Aaron Stern (Matchbook Romance), Nick Martim (Underminded) and Adam Russell (Story Of The Year), Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows are one of the safer bets for crossover success in 2011.

But that's not because of their major label backing or the fact they're basically a Robocop-like assemblage of grizzled dudes who've been around more than a few blocks – their confident, bold debut D.R.U.G.S. feels more like a third than a first album such is its fluid mix of confident riffage and Owens' starkly confessional lyrics. You can read much more about them in a future issue of Rock Sound but for now we figured as an introduction they could explain just why they chose that name.

How did the name come about?
Nick Martin (guitar): "We spent months thinking while we were writing. We had this massive whiteboard full of band names and ideas. Anything and everything made the list. It was like we had to let it happen… we were sending demos to management and [producer] John Feldmann and Craig put ‘DRUGS’ on one of the titles so it would pop up in iTunes as a joke. A few days later all of our team started calling us that. We ran with it."
Craig Owens (vocals): "There was a point where we dove in and accepted it."
Nick: "We knew it would be intense for some people, and it’s intense for us – it was hard to come to terms with it – but that was what turned us on about it. The music turns heads, so the band name should as well."
Craig: "The acronym came because I didn’t want to accept just ‘DRUGS’ – I thought there was more to it. We sat down and thought of our situation and what it is we’re trying to convey and all of us had had everything basically destroyed either by our own hands or someone else’s. We all talked about it and realised it’s a great metaphor for life, society, economies, relationships, and it hits home. The reason we went with ‘God’ was because we wanted to go with an archetype that everyone would relate to that was the most epic."

I saw 'God' as meaning being a state whereby you can be happy being artistically relevant constantly, the point of reaching ‘home’.
Craig: "That definitely is one way to interpret it – with all of these different personalities everyone’s going to have their own opinion anyway. Every time that’s asked you’re going to get a different answer. Collectively it means to much to us that as individuals we decided to accept it."
Matt Good (guitar): "I relate to it the way you explained it the most, and that’s what I’ll tell people."
Nick: "It’s that pinnacle we’re building to artistically. It’s as high on the mountain as we can get, as big as we can make it."

Stay tuned to Rock Sound for more on Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows.

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