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Dead Swans

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Rock Sound 16 January 2012 at 09.58

Listen to an exclusive new Dead Swans track from their new EP ‘Anxiety And Everything Else’! 

With a personal introduction from the band's vocalist Nicholas Worthington:

"The song you are about to listen to - 'I've Been Trying To Leave' - reflects the last few of years of my life outside the band. It's about the mindless routines and ruts that I'd fall in and out of, as I travelled back and forth from Worthing to Vienna. I was a complete mess around that time. Some of the situations and things I got into, how I was treating people and myself, it still doesn't really feel real to me.

Usually when I write lyrics it takes me months, I've probably thrown away more songs than I've written, but that one came out really fast and I remember feeling quite anxious to write it, practice it and start playing it live. I've honestly never been this excited to play a song live, the song is a personal reminder to stop certain things in my life and stop looking backwards. It's not the most romantic thing I could come up with but I wrote it with my girlfriend and everything she has done for me over the last couple of years in mind, when we decided to write another EP I knew that it was going to be the first song on it."

Catch Dead Swans on tour next month at the following UK shows:

04 - LEEDS The Well
05 - LONDON Underworld

'Anxiety and Everything Else' will be released on February 28, for the full list of European tour dates head to

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