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Dead Sara’s Emily Armstrong: “Dead Sara Is Like Having An Extended Family. Having A Purpose”

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 13 May 2022 at 18.17

"The reassurance that you aren’t going through it alone and getting to share triumphs together makes us all more thankful."

If you're not familiar with Dead Sara, now is the perfect time to get obsessed.

With their latest album 'AIN’T IT TRAGIC', a raucous, rallying collection of rock and roll brilliance, out in the world, a tour with the legendary Slash in their back pocket and a selection of shows in the UK taking place this month, you have no excuse but to jump in to their world. 

We had a little catch up with vocalist Emily Armstrong to talk about how it feel to back out in the world doing what they do best...

How has it felt getting back out on the road in such a big way? And how does it feel being able to bring 'AIN’T IT TRAGIC' to those shows as well?
"It has felt gratifying to say the least. And to be touring in Europe for the first time ever with the new album really makes it special. Having been a band for a long time there are still many ‘firsts’ to be had."

How has it been watching the record come to life before you in the lead up to all these shows? What have you taken away from the immediate reaction?
"While making 'AIN’T IT TRAGIC' and once it was complete, we inherited the saying ‘no expectations’ as our mantra to keep us from losing what we love about this album. Keeping it in stride. So, to see fans singing along and talking to them about what they love on the new album is truly humbling."

What does 'AIN’T IT TRAGIC' mean to you on a personal level? What did it teach you, especially putting it together during such a strange time for music?
"It definitely influenced how we had to execute it - mentally and logistically. Having to change things up from the norm to put it in perspective emotionally and the importance of what we do. Having something so cathartic in such a crazy time was truly a blessing. We were able to dive deeper than we’ve ever gotten before in the recording process and writing. We essentially only had each other, and we really did lean into each other and rally around one another."

What is there that you love the most about UK shows compared to shows anywhere else in the world? What sets them out from the rest?
"I could start by saying the fact that we haven’t been here in years, and we have sold out both shows for the first time over the pond should be enough to exhibit the loyalty and love our fans have for us over here! And we sure as hell don’t take that for granted. The shows are always so fun and alive that it’s really a shame we aren’t here more often."

What does it mean to you to have had Dead Sara in your life? What has it provided for you, and how important has it been?
"Dead Sara is like having an extended family, really. Having a purpose. The reassurance that you aren’t going through it alone and getting to share triumphs together makes us all more thankful."

And what are you most excited about as we look towards the future? What can we expect from Dead Sara through the rest of 2022 and beyond?
"Again, no expectations but I can say whatever or wherever we are, I’m sure we’ll be having a good time."

You can catch Dead Sara at these UK shows:


14 - BRIGHTON Three Wise Cats
16 - LONDON Signature Brew

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