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Dead Harts

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Rock Sound 3 December 2012 at 09.53

Stream the band’s new album ‘Born Into Rags To Die No Richer’ on the Rock Sound site now!


Click on the player below to stream the latest Dead Harts album and keep scrolling to read a track by track description of the record from the band.

The album is available to purchase now on Transcend Records for just £2 (go here to do that) and the quintet are featured in the Exposure section of Rock Sound Issue 168 (go here to get that mag). Got all the info? Yeah? Good, on with the music...

01. All Washed Up
"It's about people in and around the scene who chat shit about other bands and people when they are in no position to say anything themselves. For some reason negativity and being hypocritical is increasingly prominent in heavy music and we have a bit of a dig at that in this song."

02. Smoke Wagons
"Smoke Wagons is about making ends meet when going through a difficult part of your life. We've all been victims of the financial climate to varying extents at some point, so the lyrics were relevant to all of us."

03. Ctrl Alt Defeat
"Without trying to be too political about it, CAD is about the current state of affairs in the UK and how we disapprove of the lack of action being taken, especially regarding justice, and the increasing urge to take matters into our own hands because of how useless the system is."

04. Perm Back and Sides
"This one is basically about being young and not giving a fuck while you have the chance! Having responsibilities and growing up has claimed a couple of old Harts members before so the rest of us wrote this while we were going through member changes."

05. Crooks
"Crooks is about particular changes in the line-up and how the band had to jump over hurdles, adapt and then progress. We realised we had to do that to become what we wanted this band to be. This group might not necessarily be the original group of close mates but we're cool with that, we still miss the old lads though."

06. Interlude
"Title says it all."

07. Headhunter
"Our vocalist used to get a lot of stick from a particularly shocking local act so he decided to get his revenge in this track. Bax insists there are no hard feelings, he just took the opportunity to write about something he felt particularly strongly about at the time."

08. Caesar
"Our vocalist wrote Caesar about the experiences he was having with different girls at a stage in his life. People become experts at manipulating each other over time and that's never more true than when in a relationship with a female. Bax wrote this one about coming into contact with this situation."

The band tour the UK early next year with Empires Fade, dates as follows:

29 - SELBY Riverside Bar
30 - TELFORD The Haygate
31 - SOUTHAMPTON Avondale House
01 - HIGH WYCOMBE Scorpios
02 - AYLESBURY White Swan
03 - LONDON Boston Music Rooms

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