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Day Of The Sirens

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Rock Sound 8 February 2011 at 10.09

Unashamedly epic melodic rock that shoots for the sky

Playing scratchy little songs is all well and good, but some bands want nothing more than to evoke the shamelessly widescreen emotion of the biggest Hollywood blockbuster. And top of that list right now is Essex's Day Of The Sirens - a fiercely DIY unit who won't be satisfied until you're on your knees weeping at the sheer beauty of life.

You can stream two of their songs below, '211 Kramer' and 'Home Is A Working Title', and for more on Day Of The Sirens check out the new issue of Rock Sound which you can buy by clicking here to go to our eBay store.

We caught up with frontman Jack Fox (great name) to find out just why dwarf banter is important in the modern day.

What was the point where you went from liking playing music to deciding to be in a proper, full-time band?
"I think when we first started Day Of The Sirens in 2009. Before we'd all played in different bands that had gigged together in our area casually but I think we knew with the songs we had written and the determination of our members we knew it was different and we could really give it a good go at doing it full time."

What was the first album you listened to that totally humbled you?
"Foo Fighters, 'The Colour And The Shape'. That was the first album I heard that really blew me away in terms of songwriting and making something sound huge without sacrificing any of the emotion. With tracks like 'Everlong', 'My Hero' and 'Hey, Johnny Park!' I still think it's one of my favourite rock albums."
Day Of The Sirens - 'Home Is A Working Title' by RockSoundMagazine
What inspires you on a day-to-day level to write music? Have you ever considered jacking it all in for an easier life?
"I get inspired to do better and keep writing better music! I'm never completely happy with anything I do. You need to be a fan of your own music but at the same time if you don't think you can get better you should give up! I'm so proud of our new record and love it to bits but I don't think we're the finished article yet which is exciting, and that makes me want to keep writing until I am finally happy! I've had a lot of opportunities to pack it all in, get a good job and live the easy life but I would take touring in a freezing cold van, gigging every night to fans any day over material bullshit, having a safe job that can buy me nice 'things'!"

There are too many bands these days: discuss.
"There probably are too many bands, but it's important that people give the good bands the attention they need to get noticed and stand out. I do have a lot of faith in the music industry. If there is a good band out there, they will be found and given the exposure they need to help them on their way. Regardless of how many bands there are out there, if you're good enough and work hard enough at it, then inevitably it doesn't matter about the volume of bands and you'll get noticed."

If DOTS was a film, which film would it be?
"There is actually a film called 'Day Of The Sirens' starring Rik Mayall but it's pretty shit so I'd have to say the entire Lord Of The Rings trilogy! Massive, epic, accessible and we have a dwarf in the band (sorry Xavi [Carter, drums])! He's not that small but I suppose sitting behind a drum kit does make him look even more dwarf-like."

Poor Xavi. And if you had to write a new soundtrack for a film which one would you choose?
"'Happy Gilmore'! I think the only thing that film was lacking was a Hans Zimmer-style epic soundtrack! And as Adam Sandler churns out about 900 films a year I think a golf film with our soundtrack would definitely be Oscar-worthy."
Day Of The Sirens - '211 Kramer' by RockSoundMagazine

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