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Dallon Weekes Takes Us Through iDKHOW’s Debut EP ‘1981 Extended Play’ Track By Track

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 9 November 2018 at 12.14

The most anticipated debut EP of the year is out now!

The highly anticipated debut EP from the enigmatic two-piece iDKHOW has finally arrived! The six-track '1981 Extended Play' is now available, worldwide. 

In celebration, we could have personally taken you through the EP. But we thought it would be better if Dallon Weekes did instead, track by track. Over to Dallon:

Books on tape were a big part of my childhood. I wanted to re-create that feeling with the EP’s intro.

This song was pieced together in several different spots, but done mostly at my kitchen table as I was learning to record on my own.

Probably my favorite song on the EP. Inspired by some of the more toxic aspects of LA culture.

I had subconsciously re-created a Louis XIV beat for this song. After it clicked and I realized what I did, I sent it to the band and they were extremely cool about letting me use it anyway!

I got the opportunity to write ‘Absinthe’ with Tim Anderson of Ima Robot. I’ve loved that band forever, so it was really cool to be able to work together!

Probably the most sarcastic song I’ve ever written. Not many people pick up on it. My sarcasm may need work. (Please read using sarcastic voice.)

With all that said, best give '1981 Extended Play' a listen then! Check out the debut EP from iDKHOW here, or stream it below:

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