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Creeper’s Will Gould: “At The Moment It’s Difficult To Say If We’ll Even Do Another Record”

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 12 December 2017 at 16.02

Will opens up about 2017.

Creeper were winners of Best British Breakthrough at the first ever Rock Sound Awards powered by EMP

In the magazine vocalist Will Gould chats all about the band's massive year. Here's a little taster...

“I think the thing we’ve always wanted to feel with Creeper was a freedom to do whatever we felt was necessary for the band. What I was talking about earlier on – we don’t ever do anything with an audience in mind in terms of what we’re creating, we’re trying to serve ourselves a lot of the time so going into the songwriting I almost want Creeper to become this <<rock>> band. The only thing you’d expect is for us to mix it up.

I remember listening to Fleetwood Mac and listening to ‘Rumours’ around the time of the album and thinking how it was really cool how Fleetwood Mac was almost like a collective. There wasn’t just one voice of Fleetwood Mac, there was many voices. There wasn’t just one sound, there were a few different things going on over the years and I remember thinking that would be a really nice thing to be and also I think some of that comes from the attention span being just so short.

There’ll be something happening in the UK and we’ll be so far behind in terms of what’s cool with bands, and if we are into something it tends to be really intensely for a minute and then not at all again, so I think mixing it up makes it fun to play, makes it interesting. I think if I have to write ‘VCR’ a million times over and have a career out of making music just like that, I think I’d just stop doing it and stop being in a band because it’s not fun for me, it’s not challenging. It doesn’t seem very artistic. It’s of the most importance that we keep challenging and changing and being able to fit on different pills and play with the different types of bands we get to play with. It’s mad.

I remember in one year we played with Frank Carter, Moose Blood and we toured with Bayside, doing all these different types of alternative tours and I remember feeling very lucky to be in a band that would be considered for that. It’s crazy to be wanted on things and to be a band that people put up with – us being really ridiculous and theatrical – because they haven’t seen us for a while or they want us to play with their band and they sound nothing like us but it kind of fits somehow. That wasn’t a very conscious thing. It wasn’t like, ‘Let’s do a lot of different things so we can play with all of these different artists’ it’s just worked out perfect.

We’re on tour with All Time Low right now! They’re a lot poppier than we are but it kind of works still, it’s kind of cool and I hope we can just continue to to do that because I’d love to tour with some more mainstream indie stuff, I’d love to tour with some hardcore bands, I’d love to tour with everything and anything I guess.”

“I don’t know. At the moment it’s difficult to say if we’ll even do another record. It’s trying to make sure that everything makes sense. Everything’s got to make sense. It’s kind of hard to explain. It’s not as easy as just going into a studio and writing songs for it. The whole thing has got to kind of synchronise and feel worthwhile.

Obviously people want us to write another record at the moment and I’d like to say that we will but it’s uncertain at this point what we’ll do, but if we did do something else it’d definitely, definitely be different. We wouldn’t stand still. I think the band would die on the day that it stands still, and I’d much rather us be able to hang up the boots with our creative integrity intact rather than start rehashing old things because we need to pay some bills.”

“Warped Tour is a different beast entirely and America is something that is still very early for us. We’ve only toured America a few times and it’s always been on one coast, so this is the first US tour we ever did with the band. It was two months long, 56 days in total I think. In the first month I kept saying, ‘Everyone is being a baby about this. It’s fine. I don’t understand what everyone’s problem is with the Warped tour, this is just like touring. It’s fine, whatever’.

Then the second month kicked in and I definitely struggled, personally. The others absolutely loved it. Sean was Mr Warped Tour. He used to watch Warped Roadies! Sean’s the type of guy who’ll go to a gig on his own. He went to a gig last night on his own! We were in Paris and he went out to see a local punk band, paid 35Euro in a cab to get there on his own. He just loves stuff, he loves meeting other people and other punks and being involved in that. Warped Tour being his dream, he would unload the truck with the guys every day who were working there. He’d be up before everyone else sorting all of that stuff out and it was amazing, it was really impressive to see that and the other guys really did very well.

Hannah’s boyfriend Powles - who’s a tech for Neck Deep – was out there, so he stayed on our bus a few times and we were in this little bandwagon which was really fun, but the difficulty came for me on days where you don’t want to see anybody, which is a really hard thing to talk about but I think it’s becoming a lot more of a topic that people are discussing. You have days sometimes where you don’t want to see anybody, and you’re part of a touring package where everyone knows everyone and there’s a huge number of you every day. It’s difficult.

Some days I would wake up and we’d be playing super early. Sleeping was really hard on the bandwagon. I was in the top bunk. Normally I can sleep anywhere and the other guys didn’t want to go up there so I did, and I found it really difficult to sleep so I started taking sleeping tablets every day. I was getting really drunk, taking sleeping tablets and going to sleep. Then I’d wake up and if we were playing first that day because [the order is] random every day, some days we’d be on first. In that situation I had to get up, shave my face, sort my hair out, paint my face and by the time I’d walked to the stage the purple paint had come off anyway because it was so hot and I was having to be in front onstage immediately, which was fine because I’m in charge of that situation.

I can do the show in a lot of different headspaces, but it’s difficult afterwards coming down and having to meet loads of people which is great and I like doing that too but it’s not as easy. I was struggling a little bit on the second month. I had a really fun time though all the same and I made a lot of friends that I speak to all the time even now. Everything I think you’ve heard about Warped Tour is probably true. It’s challenging, and it’s fun and you see some of your favourite bands every day, It’s great. It’s really, really good for that sort of thing.”

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