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Creeper: Music Video History

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 3 February 2020 at 16.23

We're going back to the very beginning.

Not just brilliant storytellers on record, Creeper have always made sure the visuals that accompany their songs are laced with just as much delicious mystery. We thought it was the perfect time to look back across their video output, from the very beginning to now. 

So this is where it all started. From the ashes of Will and Ian's previous band Our Time Down Here rose something much darker in the summer of 2014. Though the clip they filmed for ‘Gloom’ was more or less a straight forward performance, there are elements of it that have stuck with Creeper throughout the whole of their musical journey. The notable being the purple light that glistens off them as they thrash about in this confined space.

Breaking out of the claustraphobic confines of ‘Gloom’, the clip for ‘VCR’ finds the band cloaked in thick smoke as they play their music in the middle of a forest. Much spookier than their first effort, the flickering clip demonstrates the quintet's knack for creating atmosphere in the most natural of surroundings.

Now, here we have the first instance of narrative within Creeper’s visuals - and what a way to start. Interweaved with shots of the sights of Southampton cloaked in darkness, we see a man sewing a Callous Heart patch onto the back of his jacket. Surrounding him is plenty of punk-rock memorablila and some downtrodden bunting and an old black and white movie plays on the tv. To read between the lines, all of the things that are shown here represent something that has inspired Creeper in some way, shape or form, and the video serves as a homage to all the things that make up the band. It's a nice way of telling their story up till now before they set out to write a new one.

Remember that jacket that the lad spent the whole of the ‘Lie Awake’ video sewing a patch onto the back of? Well it was only for a girl wasn’t it! What a cutie. Anyway, ‘The Honeymoon Suite’ supplies a few more details about what The Callous Heart is and how it operates, in the sense that there’s a whole gang of them and they like belting around Southampton having a lovely time together. Though why does that sign have ‘BEWARE THE CALLOUS HEART’ scrawled on it? Is there mischief afoot?

Need a snapshot of how raucous and raw a Creeper show is without getting all hot and sweaty and battered by crowd surfers? Well the ‘Allergies’ video compiles loads of footage of them smashing it on the live circuit so you can do just that. In all honesty, seeing Creeper play live teeters on a near religious experience at times, so if you haven’t had chance yet you should try and change that as soon as you can.

Appearing to be playing in a sewer of some variety, the first piece of the Callous Heart puzzle taken from the ‘The Stranger’ EP appears to hint at some things to come. This looks in a lot of ways like what the ‘Down Below’, detailed on debut album ‘Eternity In Your Arms’ looks like. Playing out at blink-and-miss-it speed, this a simple yet incredibly effective way of continuing this storyline without giving away too many juicy details. And be honest, seeing The Stranger for the first time is still nothing short of chilling.

Another example of how frantic a Creeper live performance is, but ‘Astral Projection’ also serves as a checkpoint of sorts. To compare the size of the shows depicted in ‘Allergies’ to the ones filmed in this clip represent just how rapid the growth of the band proved to be during this period. It’s a testament to not just the quality of their music but also the magic injected in it that captures the imagination of the listener in such a way

After going “missing” immedietely after playing Reading and Leeds Festival and then teasing their concerned congregation for a solid month, ‘Suzanne’ was the first taste of ‘Eternity In Your Arms’, the dramatic conclusion of a story 3 years in the making. Without giving too much away, the video for ‘Suzanne’ is made up of clips filmed by one James Scythe, who since filming them during an investigation in Southampton has gone missing himself. It’s all very Blair Witch Project and the only thing stopping it from going full horror is the pomp and theatre of the song that accompanies it.

After the shaky nature of 'Suzanne', things are much more crisp and clean here as we begin the 'Eternity' trilogy. Similar to ‘Lie Awake’, Hiding With Boys’ shows plenty of the Southampton sights as James Scythe drives around the city with a photo in hand. But he is not alone. We also get a view of how much time and energy James has committed to getting to the bottom of this mystery as we enter Room 309 at the Dolphin Hotel. The state of his wall makes us feel like we aren't the only ones completely enraptured by the tale. 


Now we’re really getting into the story.  As we continue to follow James Scythe on his journey he finally comes face to face with The Callous Heart who he has for so long been chasing. More specifically he catches up with a very familiar looking girl from his past. Note the beautiful nod to Baz Luhrmann's Romeo And Juliet in the decour of the church that the band are playing in too. 

A sad and downtrodden ending to the James Scythe saga as the man we’ve been following for such a long time comes face to face with exactly what he’s been chasing. The whole affair leaves you breathless, bewildered and a little broken but brimming with joy to have followed this wondrous creation from mysterious beginning to crushing conclusion. 

‘Sex, Death & The Infinite Void’ is the start of a new story for Creeper and ‘Born Cold’, much like the videos from ‘The Callous Heart’ and ‘The Stranger’ drip feed hints and themes. Fallen angel wings, bright lights and dark waters take up most of the space here but also indicate a very different darkness and intimacy to that which existed within the ‘Eternity In Your Arms’ universe. It’s dramatic and beautiful and encapsulates everything that makes Creeper so special. What does the future hold? Who knows, but we can't wait to find out. 

First off, 'Cyanide' is the most brightly lit video in Creeper's whole career, and says a lot about what this new era entails. Light against dark, good against bad, ying against yang. It's within that contrast where this particular tale of love, lust and loss places itself. Additonally, it feels like the band are living out their most vivid televisual fantasy here, with Will poses like he channelling all of the greats at once. It's a wonderfulyl expressive visual for a completely new side of the band, and one that signals that nothing is ever off the table when it comes to Creeper.


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