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Cover Story: You Me At Six

Andrew Kelham
Andrew Kelham 17 March 2010 at 15.26

Read an exclusive excerpt from Rock Sound’s cover story on You Me At Six!

You Me At Six are one of the biggest bands in the UK at the moment, and they invited Rock Sound exclusively into their inner sanctum - the rehearsal space where they wrote every song ever performed by the band. As they prepared for their largest ever UK tour, we sat down with singer Josh Franceschi to work out what's behind those tired eyes...

Franceschi is the man interested in the small print, a man whose nervous energy and anxiety is articulated through precision and detail. He is the worrier of the band, he is the one who always thinks that the next show could be the last one, that the next single could flop and that the next album could kill the band if it’s “not right”. His disquiet makes life difficult, he feels guilty that he earned more last year than many of his friends did with their ‘real’ jobs, he carries a bag of medicine on tour and lives with permanent worry about the state of his voice.

“A lot of people tell me I don’t look happy in pictures taken with fans when we’re on tour,” he continues. “It’s because I’m anxious about hanging out in the cold after shows as I always fear I’m risking the next night’s performance. I get really ill really quickly, I don’t know if it’s hereditary but my mum suffers from ME and my immune system is poor. I’m definitely afraid that I will let this band down by not being on form enough to sing.”

Touring is always towards the forefront of the singer’s mind. He hopes that the size and scale of the UK tour will cover any cracks in his voice if he becomes ill again.
“The tour will be costing us some of our guarantee money but it’s worth it. Say for any reason I don’t sing well at a show, kids will give us another chance as the show was great despite our performance.”

On some matters Franceschi is serious and intense, but on matters of band business he is finally beginning to relax now that You Me At Six are working with Raw Power Management, the British behemoth that counts Bring Me The Horizon, Bullet For My Valentine, Gallows, Fightstar and Kids In Glass Houses as acts on their ever-growing roster.

“We started to allow people to do their job when we found people we trusted,” he continues before a surprising turn on the band’s previous management. “With our old management company I didn’t trust them. I felt that they couldn’t take us where we needed to go and I thought they were just going to ride the crest of our wave if it happened. I remember that not being good enough.”

From the look on Franceschi’s face there’s clearly much more to the story but it’s Helyer who delivers the most diplomatic, and perhaps reasonable judgement, on the situation that was.

“When we signed with them originally it was the right thing for both parties, [but] we got to this level and I think we grew too fast for them. They couldn’t take us where we needed to go and so it was right to leave.”

This is an excerpt from the You Me At Six cover story in Rock Sound Issue 133, which is onsale now. Click here to buy.


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