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Bands That Changed My Life, Converge Drummer Ben Koller Remembers Classic Nirvana Album ‘In Ut

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 11 October 2013 at 15.10

One of modern alternative’s finest looks back fondly at Nirvana’s last album ‘In Utero’.


'In Utero' was a hugely influential record for me. The ultra-disturbing imagery from the 'Heart Shaped Box' video is still burned into my brain from the repeated plays on MTV (they used to play videos, remember?). I remember the "alternative" girls in my high school weeping in the hallways when they heard the news that Kurt Cobain had killed himself less than a year after this record came out.

Dave Grohl's drumming is absolutely ridiculous on this record, and it's even more apparent if you're lucky enough to get your hands on the original Albini mix. The beginning of 'Scentless Apprentice' is one of my favourite drumming intros ever and I always have that beat in my mind during any songwriting process where I'm trying to play something slow and ultra-heavy. I remember the song 'Tourettes' being the fastest thing I had ever heard at the time and It made me seek out bands like Minor Threat and The Descendents that played even faster.

It's so awesome that Kurt Cobain tried so hard to write a noisy inaccessible record after 'Nevermind' but Nirvana were so unstoppable at that point that 'In Utero' became a huge success anyway. Like 'Nevermind', there is not a single bad track on this album. What a ripper!

The deluxe edition of 'In Utero' is available now, some twenty years after its original release. Ben can be found at a converge show or at

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