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Comeback Kid - Change Is A Sound

1 September 2010 at 21.46

Returning with perhaps their best album yet, the Canadian hardcore heroes tell Rock Sound why everything they’ve done has just been leading up to this moment

Andrew Neufeld has been feeling pretty bummed out recently. Well, ish…

“Oh man, I went to Warped Tour and I was so depressed,” laughs the Comeback Kid frontman. “I looked around and thought, ‘I guarantee 80 per cent of these bands won’t be around in a year’s time’.”

But that’s not the snobbishness of a punk rock veteran talking, more like the weathered realism of a man who’s been around the block more times than most. He’s reached the point where CBK are about to unveil perhaps their strongest album yet, ‘Symptoms & Cures’, and he appreciates exactly what it means to endure for this long.

As RS catches up with Neufeld, the atmosphere has been so upbeat and cheerful we wonder whether he’s forgotten that he’s supposed to be the spokesman of a no-nonsense hardcore band that have stamped their mark on the underground scene by singing about “unanswered questions” and “struggles in life”. In the process of releasing 03’s ‘Turn It Around’, 05’s follow-up ‘Wake The Dead’ and 07’s ‘Broadcasting…’ they picked up a feverish following, mainly because in the often-regressive world of punk rock they constantly looked forward musically. ‘Symptoms & Cures’ is no different.

“People who want to hear the same thing as ‘Turn It Around’, that’s not going to happen,” he states. “Back then we were young and just trying to figure out what the fuck was going on. In your early 20s everything is pretty new and fresh, and we’ve always been an honest band asking questions, especially in those early days where we had to make the best out of shitty situations. That’s why those early albums were always about moving forward and not accepting defeat.”

Look back to 06 and defeat loomed large. Vocalist Scott Wade quit and Neufeld stepped up to the microphone, albeit very reluctantly.

“When I look back to when Scott left the band and me not wanting to be the vocalist to now, so much has changed. I used to struggle to find that line between singing in my own way and making it sound like Scott’s Comeback Kid. With ‘Symptoms & Cures’ it’s definitely my voice. I don’t get nervous about my singing or writing,” he adds.

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