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Code Orange’s ‘I Am King’ Is a) Utterly Breathaking, b) Now Streaming In Full

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 27 August 2014 at 12.10

Code Orange's new album has taken us all by surprise. It really is spectacular / loud / devastating / beautiful / all of the above in equal measure. Don't believe us? Now you can listen to the thing yourself!

Here's what you need to know about Code Orange.

1) They used to be called Code Orange Kids. They're not anymore.

2) Their name shift also marks a change in sound. Gone is the lo-fi scuzzy hardcore of Code Orange Kids - Code Orange are a much, MUCH darker and more progressive prospect.

3) Their new album 'I Am King' is utterly breathtaking. But not in the everything's-lovely-and-gosh-isn't-this-nice sort of way. More in the OH MY GOD THE WORLD IS ENDING AND THIS IS WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE sort of way.

4) It's also streaming in full. So sit back and soak this in. It'll do all sorts of things to you.

5) SEE? For more on Code Orange, pick up the new issue of Rock Sound - they feature in this month's Exposure section. You can download it digitally, order a copy to your door or pick it up from UK / Irish stores now! Oh, and if you want to read 100 words of our Reviews Editor pure gushing over 'I Am King', go here


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