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Rock Sound 29 August 2012 at 13.59

Stream the band’s new album ‘Violent Waves’ and read a track by track from frontman Anthony Green!

01. Birth Of The Economic Hitman
"The lyrics for this song came out of a poem I wrote when I was going broke right after James was born. Ten years ago the idea of putting a song in a commercial was the lamest thing to do, and now it's one of the few ways bands make money from songs. When the dudes came to me with the music I just started singing the melody right away. At the time i was listening to the Deftones a ton and I think you can hear that in the chorus."

02. Sharp Practice
"The lyrics for this song also came out of musings on how hard it was to survive financially in the music industry now that everyone just downloads records for free. I was trying to write about how songs are still valuable even if the price tag says free and how we were working with this big label who had a job sell this music and feeling like we were too weird for them to be able to do that. We were still on Atlantic at the time this was written and all of us had a feeling like we were going to get dropped or something."

03. Suitcase
"This was one of the first songs we wrote for the record, and it's also the first time we were able to capture this type of vibe, heavy yet atmospheric, powerful yet patenting. It's about meeting someone who doesn't give two shits about you until they find out you are in a band they like or you are someone they know then start treating you differently."

04. The Lottery
"When someone in my family was diagnosed with cancer I had the music to this song and was working on vocals. It's all I could think about. I had just gotten off the phone with them as they poured their heart out to me about what it's like to be facing mortality and failing health. Most of the themes of that song, including the comparison of the lottery to getting cancer, came out of that call."

05. My Only Friend
"This song was written after a fight I had with a friend and is me venting about them not being there. When you have kids you enter another world were you don't have time to do the things you used to do anymore, and a lot of my friends ended up bailing on me and never coming over my house or calling me anymore because I was so busy with my family. That's what inspired most of the energy of this song."

06. Phantasmagoria
"I've always had trouble trusting people and it has fucked up every relationship I have ever had, weather it be with a women or a man or god. This song and the lyrics came to me as it was being written. The music and lyrics came together which is rare and it wasn't until after I had recorded the song that I realized what I had said."

07. Think Of Me When They Sound
"Can't talk about this song."

08. Brother Song
"Can't talk about this either."

09. Bird Song
"Wrote this for Colin [Frangicetto, guitar] when we were writing our second album, I was trying to let him know that he was taking shit way too seriously and that I loved him. The song also has a lot of themes about being deprived of sleep and restlessness, which we were both suffering from at the time."

10. Blood From A Stone
"Colin wrote the music for this song after being inspired by that Crosses band (Chino from Deftones' side project). No one else in the band seemed to be into it besides me and I started to work on it right away. The demo had a real electronic feel and it was so different. The lyrics came from a place where I was trying to revive passion in a creative partner who seemed to lose their focus."

11. I'll Find A Way
"This song was written in a jam with Colin and Nick [Beard, bassist]. it's a musing on feeling responsible for things that happen to the band and wanting to tell everyone that I woulld always do my best to make this shit as good as it can be."

Circa Survive's fourth album 'Violent Waves' is available to buy direct from the band at

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