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Cane Hill: “The Metal Scene Has Gone Flaccid”

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 5 July 2016 at 11.55

Big talk.

You need to listen to Cane Hill.

We talk to one of the most exciting new metal bands on the planet in this month's magazine, and it's pretty explosive...

Here's a taste of our feature with frontman Elijah Witt...

The image of Elijah Witt in the middle of a carnival, hanging from a crucifix with a crown of thorns around his head is one you’re not likely to forget in a hurry.

Like the band themselves, Cane Hill’s promo video for ‘(The New) Jesus’ isn’t afraid to be bold and make a statement, regardless of who it might piss off. In fact, that might just be the whole damn point.

"The metal scene has gone flaccid," the band's frontman sighs. "Nobody has anything to say and nothing ground-breaking has come out in a while. How many songs can you write about the girl that broke your heart?"

Being the odd one out is nothing new for the Elijah Witt. Growing up in the tiny town of Folsom, Louisiana where there were "more cows than people", Witt was a happy child who made his own fun playing outside amidst a lifestyle that was free of complications. Life doesn’t stay free of complications for too long though, and for him they would arrive when he reached middle school.

"School was shit," the singer spits. "I went to a bunch of private schools and I was weirder than everyone else. There were about five kids who were cool with me and 500 who hated me or didn’t give a fuck. I never really fitted in."

Although he doesn’t look back fondly on those days, they were crucial in forming the person he is today and the band Cane Hill are. When his older brother introduced him to nu metal, he soon started playing in bands himself and music became the outlet for his frustrations.

"There are so many things that piss me off," he moans.

"Religion, misogyny, racism, inequality. I’m angry towards things, but I’m not inherently an angry person. I smoke way too much weed to be aggressive all the time..."

As Witt and his bandmates – guitarist James Barnett, bassist Ryan Henriquez and drummer Devin Clark – prepare to release their debut album ‘Smile’, it is clear that although they may share sonic traits with the heavy hitters of nu metal, they certainly don’t share the meat-headed attitude synonymous with the genre...

Read Cane Hill's full, explosive feature in this month's Rock Sound magazine - available to read on your phone or for delivery worldwide!


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