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Can Someone Please Step In And Help Waterparks And iDKHOW Finally Meet?

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 26 November 2018 at 11.41


In case you've missed it, Waterparks and iDKHOW are currently on a huge North American tour together. 

It looks like it's been all together quite a lovely time so far, aside from their merch guy attempting to steal $18,000 from them and Dallon Weekes losing his voice.

However, despite sharing a tour bus- the lads in iDKHOW and Waterparks are yet to meet. Wild. Sharing a tour, and sharing a mode of transport but yet to meet.

So we've collated a list of all of the times on social media during the tour that Waterparks and iDKHOW have lamented over not meeting each other yet.

iDKHOW kicked off the action, with a simple tweet after the first show, mentioning how they'd love to meet Waterparks one day.

Awsten is lonely on tour- if only there was another band out on the road he could take selfies with? 

At this point we were all pretty invested in getting them to meet- which is looking positive. 

*Sigh* when will Waterparks and iDKHOW finally meet? 

So nice of them to spend Thanksgiving together- but as Dallon points out, he never got the chance to meet them. Sad. 

And Dallon has now resorted to posing as a Lyft driver in order to finally meet Awsten. 



A post shared by Awsten Knight (@awstenknight) on

Someone, please, think of the children. Make this meet up happen. 

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