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Brigade ‘Love Is A Duel’ Track By Track

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 12 November 2010 at 19.14

Brigade frontman Will Simpson takes Rock Sound through his band’s new EP ‘Love Is A Duel’ track by track.

Each copy of Rock Sound Issue 142 (out right now) comes with Brigade's brand new EP 'Love Is A Duel' absolutely free! Want to know more about the songs you got gratis with your magazine? Let singer Will Simpson through all the songs track by track...

"This song started as a bit of a joke. When you finish touring with a band you often have their style of music whizzing round your head and I wrote a riff as a bit of a tribute to one in particular. But after messing for a little while I tried speeding it up and it suddenly came alive. The song wrote itself really quickly, except the middle eight, which took a little while to learn how to play as my head plays guitar better than my fingers! Lyrically I drew inspiration from Sebastian Faulks’ 1993 World War I novel, Birdsong – a ‘camouflet’ being “an underground explosion of a bomb or mine that does not break the surface, but leaves an enclosed cavity of gas and smoke”, killing the soldiers attempting to build underground tunnels to the enemies’ frontline. It got me thinking that, however hard you try in life to be prepared, something can always come from nowhere and change everything, there’s nothing you can do about it. Dealing with your life turning upside down and still holding it together is something we all hope we're capable of."

Press The Six
"Naoto came up with the main ingredients for this song and we knew it had potential to be an enormous rock song. It was really rewarding when we found an arrangement that flowed from start to finish and the song dwells on the realisation that good things have to come to an end. The track is us facing up to the realisation that goodbye is the only choice. It's also paying our respects to the people who have stuck by us over the last seven years even though we've never been particularly fashionable and have had long breaks between albums for various reasons. The line 'we are alight and we are believers' refers to the fact that we're not one of those hyped bands who become nothing more than a flash in the pan. We always knew it would be a slow build and we're just happy that each time round our songwriting grows stronger and stronger. The middle section is a lot of fun to play and it's nice to have some piano in one of our songs."

Little Perisher
"This main riff to this one was brought in by James and I added in the chorus after finding a vocal and guitar melody hummed into my phone which seemed destined to fit. The rest of it followed quickly after that and we suddenly realised we had a rocking pop tune that was becoming some people's favourite on the EP. It's a simple song about getting older and questioning whether you've made the right choices even if you haven't ended up where you thought you'd be. It's important not to have regrets but very hard to actually stop dwelling on situations that didn't quite work out as planned. The song is a message that you've just got to take a leap of faith and realise that you can't control your future, as long as you're always learning along the way you'll end up in the right place. I've always been quite fearful of change but very ambitious with my musical dreams so having hit 30 I wanted to reflect on the battle I've had growing up."

Love Is A Duel
"Of the four tracks this took the longest time to finish. We were worried whether we'd nailed it right up to recording and even made some final changes in the studio itself. We'd experimented with the verses being played in quite a few different rhythms and were looking for a way to make the song flow even though it has many different sections. Once we got the first mix back from Chris Sheldon we were so glad we never gave up as it sounded huge and exceeded our expectations. We can't wait to play it live, especially the groovy break down riff that builds toward the epic ending, hopefully it will be a new show closer! The lyrics focus on moving after the demise of a relationship and the dangers that come when you block things out til you find yourself ready to explode. It can be difficult to justify a decision you've made with hindsight but as long as you face up to your actions and don't run away, hopefully you'll be able to sleep at night. As James often says to me...realise it and let it go!"

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